Top 25 NBA Free Agents 2012

Neeraj Grover

This year’s NBA Free Agency might not be better than the Draft Class of 2012, but it has certainly improved compared to the previous year.

A lot of good teams are banking on this. Teams like the Celtics and the Trail Blazers have ample amount of Cap Space to fill in their roster and make themselves better and this free agency might help.

There are a few good superstars,and a few really good role players in this class,so here we are shredding light and ranking the top 25 FA’s of NBA this season.

Those who missed the cut :

  • Michael Beasley
  • Kirk Hinrich
  • Kevin Martin
  • Ramon Sessions
  • Randy Foye
  • Andre Miller
  • Jeff Green
  • J.R Smith
  • O.J Mayo

25.Javal McGee (RFA)

Javal McGee went on from being the most idiotic player in the NBA to a solid starter in Denver ,taking part in his first playoffs ever and doing pretty well. I don’t see a reason why he’d want to leave Denver, but then again, he is Javal McGee.

24.George Hill (RFA)

George Hill has had a pretty decent year with the Pacers, and he showed that he could be their point-guard in the upcoming years. He’s a young, exciting player who could be perfect for the Pacers.

23.Spencer Hawes (UFA)

The young Philadelphia player started in 12 of 76ers possible 13 Playoffs games, hinting he might not go anywhere else.

22.Nick Young (UFA)

Young was also traded mid-season by the Wizards and similar to Javal McGee, he had a breakout season. He is young, talented and and can amend on the Open 3,he would definitely be looked by teams this year,but in the end with so many Free Agents already on the Clippers he might stay.

21.Landry Fields (RFA)

Landry Fields is not going anywhere,fellas,i think that’s all.

20.Danny Green (RFA)

Though the last series with OKC might have put his value down a little, Danny Green still had a major season for the Spurs. His athleticism on both spheres of the court makes him a great young prospect and teams would love to have,but he has recently told on his twitter that he’s not going anywhere,although Celtics have showed interest.

19.Jeremy Lin (RFA)

I think you’ll must know what kind of season Jeremy Lin had, so I won’t say more, you can make your predictions about his future yourself.

18.Eran Ilyasova (UFA)

Eran had an incredible breakout season this year,and he might be an unrestricted free agent but I don’t think the Bucks would let him go.

17.Goran Dragic (RFA)

The Suns still cry over trading Goran to the Rockets as he’s played that good this season, but his future might not be certain at Houston. Kyle Lowry wants more time and he has made it clear this past month, so one of them will have to go.

16.Brook Lopez (RFA)

I don’t know who Brook Lopez is, the only Lopez i know is Robin.

15.Brandon Bass (UFA)

Brandon Bass will try his luck this year but I don’t think he is going anywhere other than the Celtics locker room.

14. Kris Humphries (UFA)

The Double-Double Machine and ex.Mr Kardashian is not going anywhere. He had his share of bad experiences already, and I don’t think he will change teams anytime soon.

13.Ray Allen (UFA)

Clippers, Knicks and Heat – Ray Allen has given his options. Let’s see which team will pick this legend.

12.Raymond Felton (UFA)

Denver ?? Maybe, I’m pretty sure he will remain in the RIP City for long.

11.Jason Terry (UFA)

Jason Terry will definitely be part of a new team after this off-season. To which city? That is the question.

10.Ryan Anderson (RFA)

Ryan Anderson might be the only good thing happened to the Magic last year,and I don’t think they’ll let him go,unless Dwight Howard demands it.

9.Jamal Crawford (UFA)

Jamal Crawford is a versatile offensive talent,and he’ll be a good pick this off-season. Bulls are an expected target, let’s see what happens.

8.Jameer Nelson (UFA)

Jameer Nelson has a player option up till 29 June to decide if he’s going to Orlando this season or not. He’s confused, so am I.

7.Nicolas Batum (RFA)

Nicolas Batum is solid player and will be on many teams wish-list this off-season. He has made it clear that he would love to try his luck,and the Spurs and the Nets are said to be the front-runners to sign him,but he could remain with his present team.

6.Roy Hibbert (RFA)

Roy Hibbert has had an All Star year this season,and is right now, probably the best player on his team. I think the Pacers had a pretty good season,and I don’t see him leaving so soon.

5.Kevin Garnett (UFA)

The rumours state that the Spurs are targeting him though a Garnett-Duncan maybe too old a pairing for the Spurs, but it would be equally interesting. Don’t get hyper about the Twin Towers 2.0 thought right now, as rumour has it that he’ll only play under Doc Rivers, so a 50-50 situation.

4.Tim Duncan (UFA)

I see both the Spurs and Duncan too loyal to leave each other. That pretty much describes the outcome.

3.Eric Gordon (RFA)

Eric has had an injury-plagued season this year, but towards the end, he started to show his true potential. his trade value might be low, so the Hornets might resign him and the Anthony Davis factor would also make his exit a lot tougher.

2.Steve Nash (UFA)

He’s the oldest player here,and he’s #2! Well, that’s the power of Steve Nash. He’s been loyal too long to the Suns,and is definitely leaving this season. I don’t know where,but definitively not Miami. I don’t see LBJ and D-Wade letting anybody else running the offense other than themselves.

1.Deron Williams (UFA)

Deron Williams move out was pretty certain until the Nets shifted to Brooklyn. I still don’t see why D-Will would stay with the Nets. A new city,a new addition, Jay-Z, you never know!

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