Top 5: Current NBA players who have redefined the Basketball

  • Top 5 current NBA players who added new dimensions to basketball with their own style
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Modified 13 Apr 2019, 22:34 IST

Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls
Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls

The NBA is the backyard of all the experimentation and creativity in basketball. It has continuously embellished the game since its inception. It has evolved a lot since it began. Once there was no three-point line in the NBA and the game was pretty much conducive to tall gigantic players only.

The American Basketball Association introduced the concept of the three-point line which was later also followed by the NBA. The major ABA teams were also merged with the NBA in order to create a single larger league. The introduction of the three-point line offered a greater chance for shorter, swifter and acrobatic players. Many other progressive changes have also been effectively absorbed by the NBA. Modern-day basketball offers almost equal opportunities to all the players irrespective of their build.

The ground reality is also perceptible, in which much smaller players can be seen faring equally to their taller counterparts. Players such as Muggsy Bogues and Earl Boykins are living legends for many. Another conspicuous parallelism can also be observed in the body types i.e. heavy body type and leaner body type. Discernible examples are Shaquille O'Neal and Dirk Nowitzki, both of them have a great reputation in the basketball world.

There are always a few players who are creative and innovative enough to add their own flavour to the game. Michael Jordan's stay airtime was something which was never witnessed and then it became his signature mark. Another aesthetic which comes to the mind is Allen Iverson's crossover, something which no one ever imagined to be so much effective. Today, we will take a look at the top 5 NBA players playing this season, who have redefined the game of basketball with their own unique style.

#5 James Harden

The first thing that comes anyone's mind on hearing James Harden, is his long beard and his step-back shot. Step-back is very hard to guard as it creates a lot of space between the two opponents. Sometimes his step-back is actually travelled, but most of the time it is calculated enough to call it legal.

Everyone has their own version of step-back, but James Harden has entirely revolutionized the move by making it so much conspicuous. Harden has exploited the step-back to the most bolstered by his left-handedness dexterity. Harden is also shooting more than six step-back per game this season, which is more than enough to create a big impact in every game.

The key player of Houston Rockets is also in the MVP contention this season. The stats are also mind-boggling, averaging almost more than 36 points with 6.6 rebounds and 7.5 assists per game. This season has been one of the best seasons of James Harden with 42% shooting accuracy. He has also scored more than 60 points two times in a single game.

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Published 13 Apr 2019, 22:34 IST
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