Top international 3x3 teams including World No. 1 Novi Sad to compete in FIBA 3x3 World Tour Hyderabad Masters

(L-R) Rajan Sharma, Amit Sehrawat (Bangalore 3BL), Yoshiya Katoh, Rohit Bakshi, Alex Sanchez, Pooja Bhatt, Inderbir Singh Gill and Bikramjit Gill (Delhi 3BL)
(L-R) Rajan Sharma, Amit Sehrawat (Bangalore 3BL), Yoshiya Katoh, Rohit Bakshi, Alex Sanchez, Pooja Bhatt, Inderbir Singh Gill and Bikramjit Gill (Delhi 3BL)

Hyderabad, 19th September 2018: One of the most prestigious 3x3 platforms in the world, FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters is coming to India with the Hyderabad Masters on 22nd and 23rd September 2018 at People’s Plaza, Hyderabad. The best international 3x3 teams will be coming to India for the seventh stop of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters and competing for a chance to qualify for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Bloomage Beijing Final in October 2018.

The best 3x3 team in the world currently, Novi Sad, with their star player Dusan Bulut who has won more 3x3 trophies than anyone else, will be competing at People’s Plaza. Other teams and players to watch out for will be Piran (World #3), Belgrade (World #9), Simon Finzgar (World #8), Anze Srebovt (#9), Gasper Ovnik (#10), Bogdan Dragovic, Dulgunn Enkhbat and many more.

The two Indian teams competing – Delhi 3BL and Bangalore 3BL will have to put up a strong fight to emerge at the top against these key teams and players. Delhi 3BL with Inderbir Gill (USA #6), Bikramjit Gill (Canada #4), Leandro Souza de Lima (Brazil #1) and Kiran Shastri have competed at Utsunomiya Masters and Mexico City Masters from FIBA 3x3 World Tour where they ranked ninth, Dreals 3x3 World Championship Cup Paris where they emerged third and Taoyuan 3x3 International Challenger Cup 2018 which they won, to qualify for the Kuala Lumpur Masters. Bangalore 3BL, with Rajan Sharma, Lalrina Renthlei, Sowkim Shetty and Amit Sehrawat are also prepared to put their strongest foot forward at the Hyderabad Masters.

The qualification of the Indian teams was decided on the basis of India’s first ever FIBA recognized 3x3 league, 3x3 Pro Basketball League (3BL) which was conducted from June 9 to August 26, 2018, across India. Participation was seen from 12 teams, out of which two were given berths at the Hyderabad Masters.

3x3 basketball has also been recognized as an Olympic sport and will be introduced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. India has a chance to compete against some of the best teams in Hyderabad which will help improve the skills and abilities of Indian 3x3 players.

Speaking about the Hyderabad Masters, Rohit Bakshi, League Commissioner, 3BL said, “3x3 basketball has been my passion since a long time and I am proud to see how it’s finally gaining importance in India. The fact that FIBA World Tour Masters has come down to the country is enough proof of India’s potential and passion for basketball. 3BL as well received some very encouraging support from the country, and I am excited to see how our Indian teams play for the FIBA World Tour Masters in Hyderabad.”

Alex Sanchez, Managing Director, FIBA 3x3 said, “India is a country where immense passion for sports is deep-rooted and basketball as a sport has great potential to grow and develop here. Following 3BL’s success, we are sure the FIBA World Tour Masters will inspire the country to follow the modern sport and achieve more international titles in 3x3 basketball in the coming years.”

Pooja Bhatt, Actress/Filmmaker & Co-Owner of Team Delhi 3BL said, “3BL was such a massive success in India and it was such a proud moment for me to see my team win five out of six rounds. I’m excited to see them take the world by storm at the Hyderabad Masters.”

Yoshiya Katoh, Chairman, 3BL said, “3BL being the first FIBA recognized 3x3 basketball league in India received raving reviews from basketball fans and influencers. We are glad to see FIBA World Tour Masters happen in India and we are sure India will welcome this huge event with great enthusiasm. I am very excited to see how Indian players will compete against the world’s best 3x3 players this time.”

Inderbir Singh Gill from Delhi 3BL, MVP of Season 1 of 3BL said, “3x3 basketball is a really challenging, but exciting game. Winning the inaugural season of 3BL and getting the chance to participate in four international 3x3 tournaments was thrilling and helped improve our game. We hope to show the international teams and our Indian fans what we can achieve when we set our minds to it.”

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