US President Barack Obama shares his thoughts on the NBA Finals during climate change twitter chat

Barack Obama with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade when the Miami Heat visited the White House as the reigning NBA Champions.

Thursday afternoon US President Barack Obama was ready on his recently released official Presidential twitter handle @POTUS to answer question on climate change. Anybody who wanted an answer on their query/question had to send in their question with the hashtag #AskPOTUS

However, the public, it seems were interested in asking him questions about another topic- the NBA Finals

A certain J.R. Smith and Cleveland Cavaliers took three tweets and a mention of O- zone till he got the President to answer his question about the NBA Finals.Obama, a Chicago native is known to be a big Bulls fan and has played a few pickup ball himself, played along and answered.

Seeing that the President is open to giving his opinions if the question is framed right, Akshar Patel took the opportunity to ask Obama about the firing of Tom Thibodeau, Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls. The President responded once again, here’s the conversation:

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