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Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Bobcats - the saddest NBA game of the season?

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ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 21: Jordan Crawford #15 of the Washington Wizards passes the ball against Al Horford #15 and Kyle Korver #26 of the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena on November 21, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

I felt like taking off my hat and observing a silent prayer before the match. Whichever of these teams would have won, it would be a matter of sadness. One tries hard to observe a silver lining.  But its like rooting for a melee between Stephen Hawking and a five year old. Whom would you root for?

Hurray for the Bobcats matching last season’s total
Last season the Bobcats were seemingly on a mission to drive the cheeriest Charlotte fan into depression. They finished with the worst win-loss percentage ever. This season, with this win over the Wizards they have already matched their win total of last season. And that is a cause for celebration for them. They improved to 7-5 now.
Forgetting the fact that the only reason its a cause for celebration is that they were awfully pathetic last season. Anything is better than zero.
Whom to root for?
One one hand we as fans are cheering for the Bobcats as the redemption of an underdog. A team which made records as a meme for losing. Who doesn’t want to see this team go and match their last season’s total? Their improved play has been inspiring.
On the other hand we pity the Wizards for their 10 game losing streak and pray it would end. Who wants to see a team lose night in and night out? There is no team more demoralized in the NBA today. What is the fun in fighting against someone who curls up in a ball and invites you to kick them.

CHARLOTTE, NC – NOVEMBER 13: Ramon Sessions #7 of the Charlotte Bobcats during their game at Time Warner Cable Arena on November 13, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.

Silent prayer for the Wizards
Some Wizard has placed a curse on…the Wizards. Turn back the clock to the Wizards previous match vs the Hawks. Last few seconds. The Wizards lead by two. Then that damned Korver hits a three with 7 seconds on the clock to give Atlanta the lead. Wizards down by a point. They launch up a shot for the win. Miss. But Webster cleans up the board and puts it in! And its good! The Wizards have finally skidded their epic 9 game losing streak to a stop. They are no longer the Lizards, they have a W now. Bring out the wands and funny hats, the Wizards are back. Hurray to Martell Webster for hitting the game winner and ending the misery of the Wizards.
Except that the referees called the team outta the locker room to inform them that the shot was actually too late and that they have indeed lost to the Hawks. A lizard is a prey of the hawk anyway. Hawks beat the Wizards 101-100.
Today was another day. The Wizards had this one. So close. The game went to overtime. Vs the Bobcats no less. This matchup was written in the stars above. The Bobcats needed one more win to match their last season’s total. The Wizards just needed one win to end the sadness. Webster free throws sent it to OT. Hurray. Singleton’s freebies sent it to to double OT where they led by three. Whee. Before falling to Charlotte. The Bobcats just won by two points in double overtime.
If I were the team manager of the Wizards, I’d have a grief counselor accompany the team at all times. Preferably poach away the counselor  who stuck by the Bobcats last year. Record of 0-11. Law of averages must hold up. The team can’t go on losing for ever.
The misery will end soon right? Look at the calendar for the Wizards:
Someone dial the number of the counselor.
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