What happened to Terrence Clarke? Remembering the honorary pick from the 2021 NBA Draft

Terrence Clarke #5 attempts a three-pointer
Terrence Clarke #5 attempts a three-pointer
Adit Pujari

Every child that has ever picked the basketball and played until exhaustion dreams of playing in the NBA. Dreaming that dream is easier than realizing that dream. The probability of being picked in the NBA draft, to become Jalen Green or Cade Cunningham, is closer to nonexistent than real.

According to a 2010 study by the NCAA, out of close to 15600 men who play high school basketball, only 44 end up in the NBA. However, there are those 44 that exist among us. Each year, scouts go on recruitment runs and list prospective draft picks for NBA teams.

What happened to Terrence Clarke

This year, despite being an overall joyous occasion, one of the picks of the NBA draft was a sombre event. Adam Silver chose Terrence Clarke as the NBA's draft pick. Jaylen Brown took to Twitter to appreciate the gesture.

Terrence Clarke, a 19-year-old NBA draft prospect, lost his life in an accident on April 22. Clarke was alone in his car when it collided with a truck, hit a light pole, and crashed into a wall. He was announced dead due to a collision after a little while in the hospital.

Despite all the hard work that made him worthy of being an NBA draft prospect, the unpredictable tragedy robbed him of his life's dream and his family of his precious presence. A freshman guard of the Kentucky Wildcats, he was loved by his family and friends.

All his close ones remember him as incredibly loving and affectionate. He was also on the road to success having signed with Clutch Sports less than an hour before his accident.

Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, paused the draft ceremony to honor the late player. He took to the stage to fondly remember Terrence and his life's dream of playing in the NBA. Silver acknowledged his love for the game, skill, and hard work.

Adam Silver at the 2021 NBA Draft
Adam Silver at the 2021 NBA Draft

He invited Terrence's mother, sister, and brother onto the stage as he announced "that with the next pick in the 2021 NBA draft, the NBA selects Terrence Clarke from the University of Kentucky." His family stood on stage wearing NBA draft hats as the whole crowd at the venue chanted Terrence's name. A truly touching moment from the draft.

Edited by Arnav Kholkar
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