Who is Jacque Vaughn's wife, Laura Vaughn? A peek into the personal life of Nets former head coach

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Who is Jacque Vaughn's wife, Laura Vaughn? A peek into the personal life of the recently dismissed Nets head coach

Jacque Vaughn is the former head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Here is all you need to know about his wife Laura Vaughn, including how they met and how many children they have.

Jacque Vaughn's 12-year playing career saw him wear the jerseys of five different franchises: Utah Jazz, Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic, New Jersey Nets, and San Antonio Spurs.

Jacque Vaughn is married to Laura Vaughn, whom he met while they were both attending college at Kansas. Laura prefers to stay out of the public eye, but Jacque has shared pictures of his sons on Instagram in the past, including one from an All-Star game that she attended a few years ago.

The couple has been married for over 20 years. Laura has supported Jacque in his career as a basketball player and coach and has been a loving mother to their two sons, Jalen and Jeremiah. Jacque and Laura have owned several properties together, including houses in Lawrence, Kansas; San Dimas, California; and Winter Park, Florida.

Both of the Vaughn's sons are now teenagers, with Jalen recently turning 19 in 2023. Jeremiah is understood to be 17.The former Brooklyn Nets coach posted the above photo on Instagram a few years ago. The second photo is also from an All-Star game that the Vaughn's family attended.

When Jacque Vaughn’s cracks jokes about wife and Udoka offer

During his acceptance speech for the Nets head coaching job, the NBA champion made a lighthearted reference to his wife's reaction to the initial offer being made to Ime Udoka.

Following a diverse playing career, Jacque transitioned into an assistant coaching role for several NBA teams and eventually secured a head-coaching position with the Orlando Magic.

“It’s a great lesson for my kids. I think at the end of the day when I talk to them about things it’s like, good news, bad news, who knows. That old fable. You just continue to do your job and you persevere and you love to grind, and they know that’s a part of me," Vaughn said in an interview with Kansas City Star
I’ve seen it all here, whether it’s multiple coaches, whether it’s the (COVID-19) bubble, whether it’s trade requests, whether it’s all of the above. And so to still be a part of this organization means a lot to me. … That means the way I carry myself on a daily basis, people appreciate it. So there’s something to that, but at the end of the day I just kept doing my job and showing up every single day and ready to rumble every single day.”

Unfortunately, his tenure with the Magic concluded unfavorably as Jacque was dismissed due to the team's underwhelming performance. Nevertheless, the NBA coach sees this challenging journey as a valuable lesson for his children with Laura.

Jacque Vaughn's experience with the Nets embodies resilience and dedication. Despite facing various obstacles, he remained committed, earning respect and proving the value of perseverance.

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