“Yes they gave these ni**as an opening game and gassed it”, That beef was corny asf” - Fans post hilarious reactions to Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero squashing their beef at Seattle Pro-Am game

Seattle Storm v Las Vegas Aces
Seattle Storm v Las Vegas Aces

Number one pick Paolo Banchero and Atlanta Hawks star Dejounte Murray seem to have squashed their beef. The duo went head-to-head during Saturday's star-studded Pro-Am game in Seattle, hosted by former NBA player Jamal Crawford.

Banchero attempted a drive to the basket with Murray guarding him. The Orlando Magic forward couldn't maintain his balance and hit the floor. Murray didn't waste time, immediately offering his hand to Banchero. He helped him get up and patted him on the head. Here's the video:

Paolo and Dejounte squashes their beef 🙏

Weeks ago, Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray ignited their beef after the latter produced a highlight dunk on the former in a Pro-Am game.

DEJOUNTE MURRAY…the disrespect 👀

Murray disrespected Banchero by shoving him after completing the play. He also called Banchero a 'little boy' while interacting with his teammates.

Dejounte Murray on Paolo Banchero:“That’s who they came to see? It’s a man’s league, he a little boy.”

Paolo Banchero heard all the talk and took to Instagram to call Dejounte Murray out. He told Murray to guard him 1v1 the next time they face off instead of double-teaming. Banchero also revealed that Murray had unfollowed him on the social networking site.

The former Spurs guard responded by saying Banchero isn't humble like he was as a kid growing up in Seattle, where they both grew up. Murray also claimed he had lost respect for the rookie forward. As NBA fans braced for one of the league's newest rivalries, several exchanges followed.

Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray got into it a little bit on Instagram following their game against each other on Sunday.Murray tells Banchero that he's "lost all respect." 👀

However, a section of NBA fans hoped to see the two have an intense contest during the regular season. They weren't thrilled about the Seattle natives squashing their beef. Hilarious reactions on Twitter poured in after the duo dapped each other on Saturday.

One fan wrote:

“Yes they gave these ni**as an opening game and gassed it”

Another added:

"They’re from the same city they have to stick together fr. That beef was corny asf"

Here are the best reactions:

Yes they gave these niggas an opening game and gassed it…
Mf went off the agenda just to go right back on I CANT WITH THIS…
@TheNBACentral Now it’s sweet when it’s in person again? Dejounte a clown
@TheNBACentral Murray knows he was getting flamed by the internet
@TheNBACentral They’re from the same city they have to stick together fr. That beef was corny asf
@TheNBACentral U gon let Dejounte pick u up like that tho?
@TheNBACentral Dejounte prolly realized how irrational and immature he was being LMAOOOO
@TheNBACentral lame we want beef
@TheNBACentral Fuck is u putting praying hands for it’s not like they were gon kill each other wtf 😂
@TheNBACentral There was never beef dejounte was just mad
@TheNBACentral dejounte was the only one beefing
@TheNBACentral Murray hearing the crowd cheer after acting like a asshole for a month:
@TheNBACentral Lebron working as duel agent tonight:
@TheNBACentral Paulo when he runs in dejaunte in the tunnel after the game

Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray will meet in the second game of the season for Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks

The NBA schedule-makers must have kept an eye on the brewing rivalry between Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray. The NBA recently released the schedule for the 2022-23 NBA season. The schedule includes a game between the Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks on October 21st, 2022.

It will be the second game of the season for both teams. The Magic want to make a leap after investing in their rebuild over the last year and a half. The rebuild helped them land some critical pieces through the draft, like Jalen Suggs and Paolo Banchero. The latter is expected to be a game-changer for the franchise.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Hawks made a blockbuster trade with the San Antonio Spurs to land All-Star guard Dejounte Murray. Pairing Murray alongside franchise star Trae Young forms one of the NBA's best young backcourts.

The Magic are still a young team and aren't projected to finish in the top ten of the standings. However, their clash against the Atlanta Hawks promises an enticing contest because of Banchero and Murray's back and forth this offseason.

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