Call of Duty 2026 to be reportedly a Ghosts title

Operator Ghost
Call of Duty 2026 might be a Ghosts game (Image via Activision)

According to a report by @zvis_ceral on X, Call of Duty 2026 is reportedly going to be a Ghosts title. As per the report, the title is currently being developed by Infinity Ward, the studio behind the iconic Modern Warfare series. However, it is currently not known whether the game will be a direct sequel to 2013's title or will be based on the Ghosts' universe and will act as a standalone reboot title.

Infinity Ward is reportedly working on Call of Duty 2026 and it could be a Ghosts game

As stated earlier, a report by @zvis_ceral on X suggests that Call of Duty 2026 is going to be a Ghosts game. The title is codenamed "Project Devilwood". However, official details about the game are currently scarce, but the news has given rise to a host of speculations online.

Some suggest that it will not be tied to the original game and instead is based on the Ghost Team, which dives into the events before the rebooted Modern Warfare series, essentially making it a prequel to MW 2019.

Furthermore, it is speculated that the game will delve into the storyline of the time when Operator Mace and Operator Ghost were in a team together before splitting apart and going their own ways.

However, others speculate Call of Duty 2026 to be a direct sequel to 2013's Ghost and will pick up the storyline from the cliffhanger ending.

Either way, if the reports hold, it means that fans won't be getting their hands on a Modern Warfare 4 anytime soon. In MW3 (2023), Makarov is still on the run and he is yet to be caught by Task Force 141. Hence, if fans were anticipating a sequel to MW3, they are apparently in for a disappointment.

That said, it is worth noting here that the details in this article are derived from a third-party report. Call of Duty has yet to officially disclose any details. Hence, they must be taken with a grain of salt.

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