Bunny Hopping might be returning to MW3 and Warzone in Season 4

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Possibilities of Bunny Hopping returning to MW3 and Warzone in Season 4 explored (Image via Activision)

Bunny Hopping might just be making a comeback to MW3 and Warzone with the Season 4 update. The new Arcade playlist of Modern Warfare 3 allows players to Bunny Hop and this has given rise to speculations that the movement mechanism could be returning to the titles as a base gameplay mechanic just like it was in the original Warzone.

This is a movement technique in Call of Duty that enables players to move quickly. By combining jumping and moving forward, it leverages the game's physics to give the player a speed boost, allowing them to cover large distances in less time.

However, the feature was removed with the release of Modern Warfare 2 (2022) and needless to say, didn't make it to Warzone 2 as well. This was despised by the game's community and many fans have since been demanding its return. That said, the latest developments suggest that it isn't gone forever and it might return to the games in Season 4.

Bunny Hopping could be returning to MW3 and Warzone in Season 4

Although Bunny Hopping was completely removed from the series, players can use the movement mechanism in Modern Warfare 3's new Arcade playlist. This has the community speculating that it might be coming back with the upcoming seasonal update.

MW3 brought back many gameplay mechanics that were removed with Modern Warfare 2, such as slide canceling, reload canceling, and more. Given that Sledgehammer Games, the studio behind Modern Warfare 3, has been actively listening to the community, it would not be out of the blue for them to bring back Bunny Hopping to current-gen titles.

However, these are merely speculations. Sledgehammer is yet to officially announce its return to the games. Furthermore, many in the CoD community are skeptical of these speculations.

According to them, the game is in the middle of its life cycle, and with COD 2024, which is reportedly called Black Ops 6, just around the corner, some fans believe the developers are merely testing this mechanic in Modern Warfare 3 and will bring back the movement mechanism as a base gameplay mechanic with this year's Call of Duty installment.

That covers everything that you need to know about the possible return of Bunny Hopping in MW3 and Warzone.

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