Ashes Best Economy Rate

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English bowler William Attewell holds the record of best economy rate in Ashes. From 1884 to 1892, he played 10 Ashes, bowling with an economy of 1.31, the best in any format of cricket to date. In his ten matches, he took 28 wickets with an average of 22.35. He was known for his unremitting accuracy and length. He bowled at a medium pace and was very clever at varying pace, flight and spin of the ball. He perfected “off theory”, popular in the 1890s, where he bowled wide of the off-stump to a packed off-side field. Following him on the list of Ashes best economy rate are bowlers like AJ Richardson and JB Iverson, both Australian who bowled with an economy of 1.72 and 1.73 respectively.

Here is the list of Best ER in Ashes -

Ashes Best Economy Rate

William AttewellENG101.31
Arthur RichardsonAUS91.72
Jack IversonAUS51.73
Ron OxenhamAUS31.73
Bert IronmongerAUS61.74
Jim HiggsAUS51.78
Tom GarrettAUS121.8
George LohmannENG151.81
Dick BarlowENG111.82
Geoff MillerENG131.83

Ashes best economy rate in an innings record is held jointly by JC Laker and DL Underwood, both from England. Both of them bowled 18 runs and gave just runs, thus resulting in an economy of 0.44 in the innings. JC laker was first to achieve this record on 23 August 1956 at The Oval. 12 years later, on 20 January 1968, DL Underwood matched his record while playing at the Lord’s.