Ashes Most Ducks

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The highest ducks in Ashes is a record which no player would like to associate himself with. Australian Syd Gregory has the most ducks in Ashes with 11 to his name. He has played 52 matches in Ashes, the most by a player. In his 92 innings, he scored 2193 runs with a high score of 201. He got out for a duck in his first-ever test innings in the 1890 Ashes series. In the third match of 1899 Ashes at Leeds, he got out for a duck in both innings. His last duck in Ashes came at Birmingham in 1909.

List of Most Ducks in Ashes :

Syd GregoryAustralia92112193
Glenn McGrath Australia3310105
Shane Warne Australia4810946
Darren GoughEngland299240
Arthur Frederick Augustus LilleyEngland479801
J BriggsEngland489809
Jack SaundersEngland20834
Phil TufnellEngland21830
Bobby PeelEngland338427
James AndersonEngland498229

Some other players in the Ashes most ducks list are Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne. Both of these legendary bowlers got out for a duck a total of ten times. McGrath played 33 innings in his 30 Ashes matches scoring 105 runs. Warne played 48 innings in his 36 Ashes appearances. He scored 940 runs with four half-centuries to his name.