Ashes Most Five Wicket Hauls

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The record of most five wicket hauls in Ashes belongs to English bowler Sydney Barnes. Barnes played 20 Ashes matches and took 12 five-wicket haul in an innings. His first of these 12 came on 13 December 1901 at Sydney. He took five wickets in 35.1 overs with an economy of 1.84. Before Barnes, the record of most five wickets in Ashes belonged jointly to Australian Charlie Turner and England’s Tom Richardson with 11 five-wicket hauls. Turner was the first bowler to take more than 10 five wickets haul in the Ashes.

The detailed list of Ashes most 5 wickets in an innings is given below -

Most Five Wicket Hauls in Ashes

PlayerTeamMatches5 Wickets In an Innings
Sydney BarnesENG2012
Tom RichardsonENG1411
Terry AldermanAUS1711
Charlie TurnerAUS1711
Clarrie GrimmettAUS2211
Shane WarneAUS3611
Glenn McGrathAUS3010
Monty NobleAUS399
Hugh TrumbleAUS319
Craig McDermottAUS168

Spinners with Ashes most five wicket hauls are Clarrie Grimmett and Shane Warne. Both of them have 11 five wicket hauls to their name. Grimmet played 22 matches in Ashes from 1925 to 1934 and took a total of 106 wickets. Warne is the leading wicket-taker in Ashes and played 36 matches from 1993 to 2007. Some other great bowlers in the Ashes most five wickets in an innings list are Glenn McGrath, MA Noble and H Trumble.