Ashes Most Wickets

Last Modified Jul 19, 2019 18:01 IST

Australian legendary spinner Shane Warne is the Ashes highest wicket-taker with 195 wickets to his name in the 36 matches he played. Warne played his first Ashes series in 1993 in which he took 34 wickets. Bedside taking most wickets in Ashes series, he also holds the record of taking the most number of 10 wickets haul in an Ashes match with four such hauls to his name.

Ashes Most Wickets List :

Shane WarneAustralia361952.5223.25
Glenn McGrath Australia301572.720.92
Hugh TrumbleAustralia311412.2320.88
Dennis Lillee Australia241282.4522.32
Ian Botham England321282.9728.04
Bob WillisEngland311232.7824.37
Monty NobleAustralia391152.4824.86
Ray LindwallAustralia291142.2822.44
Wilfred RhodesEngland411092.7124
Sydney BarnesEngland201062.3821.58

Before Warne, H Trumble, also an Australian had most wickets in Ashes. He took 141 wickets in 31 matches and was the Ashes leading wicket taker for over 100 years. His record was broken by Warne in the 2005 Ashes. Glenn McGrath took the second position on the Ashes most wickets list during his last Ashes in 2007. He ended his Ashes career with 157 wickets in 30 matches. Sir Ian Botham has taken the highest wickets in Ashes for England. In the 32 Ashes matches he played, he took 128 wickets with an average of 28.04