IPL Playoffs Format

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Introduced in the 2011 season, the IPL Playoffs rewards consistency and meritocracy as the top-2 ranked teams get two chances to qualify for the summit clash instead of a sudden death, as is the case in traditional semi-finals.

Basically, the top-2 two teams from the league stage play Qualifier 01, the winner of which qualifies for the finals. The losing side, however, gets another shot at glory as it goes on to face the winner of the Eliminator (Team 03 v Team 04) in Qualifier 02.

The venues and dates of the IPL 2023 Playoffs are yet to be announced.

Let’s go back in history and have a look at all the IPL Playoff matches till date:

All-Time IPL Playoffs

SeasonDatePlayoff matchTeamsResult
202224 MayQualifier 1GT vs RRGT won by 7 wickets
202225 MayEliminatorLSG vs RCBRCB won by 14 runs
202227 MayQualifier 2RR vs RCBRR won by 7 wickets
202229 MayFinalGT vs RRGT won by 7 wickets
202110 OctoberQualifier 1DC* vs CSKCSK won by 4 wickets
202111 OctoberEliminatorRCB vs KKRKKR won by 4 wickets
202113 OctoberQualifier 2DC* vs KKRKKR won by 3 wickets
202115 OctoberFinalCSK vs KKRCSK won by 27 runs
20205 NovemberQualifier 1MI vs DC*MI won by 57 runs
20206 NovemberEliminatorSRH vs RCBSRH won by 6 wickets
20208 NovemberQualifier 2DC* vs SRHDC* won by 17 runs
202010 NovemberFinalMI vs DC*MI won by 5 wickets
20197 MayQualifier 1MI vs. CSKMI won by 6 wickets
20198 MayEliminatorDC* vs. SRHDC* won by 2 wickets
201910 MayQualifier 2CSK vs. DC*CSK won by 6 wickets
201912 MayFinalMI vs. CSKMI won by 1 run
201822 MayQualifier 1SRH vs. CSKCSK won by 2 wickets
201823 MayEliminatorKKR vs. RRKKR won by 25 runs
201825 MayQualifier 2SRH vs. KKRSRH won by 14 runs
201827 MayFinalCSK vs. SRHCSK won by 8 wickets
201716 MayQualifier 1MI vs. RPSRPS won by 20 runs
201717 MayEliminatorSRH vs. KKRKKR won by 7 wickets (D/L)
201719 MayQualifier 2MI vs. KKRMI won by 6 wickets
201721 MayFinalRPS vs. MIMI won by 1 run
201624 MayQualifier 1GL vs. RCBRCB won by 4 wickets
201625 MayEliminatorSRH vs. KKRSRH won by 22 runs
201627 MayQualifier 2GL vs. SRHSRH won by 4 wickets
201629 MayFinalRCB vs. SRHSRH won by 8 runs
201519 MayQualifier 1CSK vs. MIMI won by 25 runs
201520 MayEliminatorRCB vs. RRRCB won by 71 runs
201522 MayQualifier 2CSK vs. RCBCSK won by 3 wickets
201524 MayFinalMI vs. CSKMI won by 41 runs
201428 MayQualifier 1KXIP vs. KKRKKR won by 28 runs
201428 MayEliminatorCSK vs. MICSK won by 7 wickets
201430 MayQualifier 2KXIP vs. CSKKXIP won by 24 runs
20141 JunFinalKKR vs. KXIPKKR won by 3 wickets
201321 MayQualifier 1CSK vs. MICSK won by 48 runs
201322 MayEliminatorRR vs. SRHRR won by 4 wickets
201324 MayQualifier 2MI vs. RRMI won by 4 wickets
201326 MayFinalCSK vs. MIMI won by 23 runs
201222 MayQualifier 1DD vs. KKRKKR won by 18 runs
201223 MayEliminatorMI vs. CSKCSK won by 38 runs
201225 MayQualifier 2CSK vs. DDCSK won by 86 runs
201227 MayFinalCSK vs. KKRKKR won by 5 wickets
201124 MayQualifier 1RCB vs. CSKCSK won by 6 wickets
201125 MayEliminatorMI vs. KKRMI won by 4 wickets
201127 MayQualifier 2MI vs. RCBRCB won by 43 runs
201128 MayFinalCSK vs. RCBCSK won by 58 runs

DC* - Delhi Capitals

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How do teams qualify for IPL playoffs?

The teams that finish in the top 4 spots of the points table of that particular season of the IPL qualify for the playoffs stage. The teams are ranked based on the points they collect in the league stage. In case of a tie on the number of points, the team with a higher Net Run Rate is placed higher on the table.

How many points are required to qualify for the IPL playoffs?

There is no particular number of points required to qualify for the IPL Playoffs. The four teams with most points at the end of the league stage in that season are eligible to play the remainder of the tournament.

How many teams qualify for the IPL playoffs?

A total of 4 teams qualify for the playoffs each season.

How are the IPL playoffs venues decided?

The decision of venues is taken by the BCCI depending on the various factors like availability of grounds, crowd advantage and a few more unrevealed factors. However, the final is normally played at the home ground of previous seasons' winning team.

What comes after the IPL playoffs?

The IPL playoffs mark the end of the tournament as it finishes with the all-important Final of the competition.