IPL Fantasy League Tips

Last Modified Mar 23, 2023 16:41 IST

With only a little time left for the 16th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL), cricket fans all around the world have started to get excited for what is perhaps the biggest annual cricketing festival.

But as fantasy cricket has started to provide fans with intimate participation in the games in recent years, a huge portion of the ongoing excitement can be attributed to the IPL fantasy leagues. IPL Fantasy League is where both cricketing pundits and faithful fans come up with their own IPL prediction and find themselves to be a part of the ongoing action.

IPL Fantasy League 2023

IPL Fantasy League is actually a virtual game. In this game the participants create their own teams with the help of virtual currency. The real life players of different IPL teams are assigned with a virtual value and, basically, the goal is to create a team out of these players. Obviously, there are restrictions such as the limit of foreign players featuring in a team and the compulsion of an uncapped Indian cricketer to be a part of the team.

IPL Fantasy League Tips

The teams are allowed a certain number of changes over the course of the tournament. The virtual participants accumulate points based on the performance of players featuring in their team. This includes all aspects of the game such as scoring runs, taking wickets, holding catches, maintaining high strike rate, low economy rate, forcing run-outs etc. At the end of the tournament, the participants have a real chance to win real prizes or money based on their cumulative scores over the course of the season.

What are the new Changes in the IPL Fantasy League in 2023?

The official fantasy league for the IPL, powered by Dream11, has already begun, and several improvements have been made to improve the fantasy experience.

For matches 1 through 56, there will be a total of 110 transfers. There will be no limits on transfers in Qualifier 1. For the remaining playoff games, ten additional transfers will be made. If you want to learn more about IPL Mid-Season Transfers, go here.

Free Transfers for Uncapped Players

The regulation that existed in the fantasy league prior to 2019 is making a comeback. In the last two seasons, fantasy league players have been unable to move uncapped cricketers to their teams for free, but this was not the case before 2019. However, Dream11 has reinstated this regulation in the league, and it will be extremely useful to players who wish to conserve their transfer funds and obtain an uncapped Indian player for free.

Transfers Before Every Match

Last year, on the day of a double-header, the players could only put together a single team for both games. This season, however, it has been altered. What the players can now do on the day of a double-header is make transfers before each match, allowing them to choose different captains for both games.


A rule that featured in the IPL fantasy league in 2018 and 2019 will continue in 2022. The three boosters are listed below, each of which can only be used once.

Double Up

This unique booster will allow you to collect double the points in a single match, as the name implies. It's entirely up to you to choose whatever match you'd like to use it for. We recommend using it in a game when the bulk of your fantasy team members will be fighting on the ground.

TIPS: At a high-scoring venue, use this booster wisely, especially for your team's high-scoring all-rounders.

Super Transfers

For a single match, this booster will allow you to make as many transfers as you desire. It's a fantastic booster to reserve until the end and utilise in the knockout stages so you don't have to deal with a large number of players and become confused.

TIPS: It might be a good idea to use this booster for the playoffs' first elimination game.

Triple Impact

Finally, the triple impact booster will allow you to earn 3x points for your team captain instead of the usual 2x. It would be beneficial to use it in a match where you are certain the captain would win.

TIPS: For high-scoring all-rounders, use this 3X option.

How to play IPL Fantasy league 2023?

To play IPL fantasy, you need to register with the official fantasy page. It is free and easy to sign up. After which you can choose your username and a team name and you are all set.

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The basic format is, just like the IPL auctions where you are given a budget limit of 100 cr. Each player is assigned a value which would be deducted from your total budget if you choose to add that player to your team. The game has restrictions for adding players to your team which are known as IPL Fantasy rules.

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Before the commencement of the tournament, you are allowed unlimited changes to your team. But after the first game, there are only a limited number of free changes and anything beyond that is going to cost you additional points.

There are also Daily and Weekly challenges to make your experience more fun.

IPL Fantasy Rules

Just like any other fantasy tournament, IPL Fantasy also has certain rules. Teams built by the users have to meet the following requirements.

If you are living in the US or Canada, You can play IPL Fantasy Cricket and win real cash prizes on GullyCricket - USA & Canada's Fantasy Cricket App.

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  1. At least one wicket-keeper with a maximum of four

  2. At least three batsmen with a maximum of six

  3. At least one all-rounder with a maximum of four

  4. At least three bowlers with a maximum of six

  5. Maximum of four overseas players

  6. No more than seven players from one IPL franchise

There are unlimited transfers available before the start of the tournament and a total of 120 transfers throughout the season once the first match starts. There are 110 transfers available till the end of the league stage followed by another 10 in the knockout stages. For every matchday, there will be one free uncapped player transfer. There are unlimited transfers available before the 1st Qualifier and after the league stage ends.

There are no restrictions to the number of times the users can change their captain and vice-captain. All the changes made will be applicable from the start of the next match.

The IPL Fantasy Points System

All players earn the participants 2 points each just for making it to the playing eleven of their individual teams.

While Batting, players receive:

  1. 1 point per run

  2. 1 point per boundary bonus

  3. 2 points per six scored

  4. 4 points for scoring 30 runs

  5. 8 points for a half-century

  6. 16 points for a century

  7. -2 points if dismissed for a duck (Only for batsmen, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders)

Per batsmen, players also receive:

  1. -2 points if his Strike Rate is between 60 - 70

  2. -4 points if his Strike Rate is between 50 - 50.99

  3. -6 points if his Strike Rate is below 50

  4. +2 points if his Strike Rate is between 130-150

  5. +4 points if his Strike Rate is between 150.01-170

  6. +6 points if his Strike Rate is more than 170

(Note: Strike Rate points are applicable only if a batsman, wicket-keeper, or all-rounder plays at least 10 balls)

While Bowling, players receive:

  1. 25 points per wicket, excluding run-outs

  2. 8 bonus points for taking the wicket by LBW or Bowled

  3. 4 bonus points for taking three wickets in a single match

  4. 8 bonus points for taking four wickets in a single match

  5. 16 bonus points for taking five wickets in a single match

  6. 12 points per maiden over

Per bowler, players also receive:

  1. 6 points if his economy rate is below 5 runs per over

  2. 4 points if his economy rate is between 5 - 5.99 runs per over

  3. 2 points if his economy rate is between 6 - 7 runs per over

  4. -2 points if his economy rate is between 10 - 11 runs per over

  5. -4 points if his economy rate is between 11.01 - 12 runs per over

  6. -6 points if his economy rate is above 12 runs per over

(Note: Economy rate points are applicable only if a bowler bowls at least 2 overs)

While Fielding, players receive:

  1. 8 points per catch

  2. 4 bonus points for taking three catches in one match

  3. 12 points per stump/direct run-out

  4. 6 points per throw leading to a run-out

  5. 6 points per catch leading to a run-out

Apart from this, the captain nominated by the participant before each round receives 2x points and the vice-captain receives 1.5x points.

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Where to play IPL Fantasy?

You can play IPL fantasy at the official fantasy league page created by IPL. To navigate to the page you can simply search 'IPL Fantasy' on your search engine or simply go to - https://fantasy.iplt20.com/

For those of you living in the US or Canada, you can play IPL fantasy and win real cash prizes on GullyCricket and start with a free $10 joining bonus.

The Fantasy league portal usually opens 7-10 days prior to the commencement of the tournament and remains so throughout the season.

IPL Fantasy Tips & Tricks

Now, while IPL Fantasy is a virtual game meant for entertainment purposes, it can actually land you several prizes such as season tickets and merchandise if you are consistent and on the top of the leader-board. So, it's always useful to have some fantasy tips and tricks up your sleeves.

Build a strong core team

As the number of changes available are limited, you might want to have a strong core team. To build one you have to look at the current ongoing form of players and also the probability of them featuring in every game. For example, the captains and vice-captains of all the teams are most likely to feature in each of their team's games.

Focus on the Indian contingent

Although overseas players play an important role, there is a limited number of them featuring in a match. This reduces the odds in their favor of performing well in the fantasy league as well. But it's seen that the team with a better Indian contingent has better chances. And, so you must try and build a very strong Indian contingent for your team.

Choose your overseas players wisely

You can only select four overseas players to feature in your fantasy team. And hence, you must choose them wisely. The overseas players you select must be in the top form and must have performed in their recent games. This is because if they are unable to perform, it is most likely they will be dropped in the next match and cost you a valuable change.

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All-Rounders are GOLD

Look at it from the perspective of earning points. An all-rounder is most likely to both bat and bowl. Thus he can actually earn you more points. Thus you must utilize them and add all three allowed all-rounders to solidify your team.

Uncapped players are DIAMONDS in the rough

According to IPL fantasy rules, each team must feature one uncapped player at least. An uncapped player is an Indian cricketer who hasn't played international cricket for India in any format. The points that these players cost you are minimal when compared to the big guns. But they can be explosive and become a cheap bargain. If you follow domestic cricket, you might be able to pick out the best ones for your own fantasy team.