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Corsola is a pink coral Pokémon introduced in Gold/Silver/Crystal. It was the first Water & Rock dual-type Pokémon in the series. It’s known to thrive in clean, warm seas, where it will form colonies with other members of its species. Corsola’s branches provide homes for many other aquatic Pokémon. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Corsola appears in its all-new Galar Form.

Galarian Corsola

What's a Galarian Corsola?

Corsola is one of a small selection of Pokémon who appear in alternate forms in the Galar region. In the distant past, all Corsola in the seas of the Galar region died out as a result of climate change. They appear today as Ghost-type Pokémon, similar to Dreepy, another Ghost-type Pokémon from the Galar region theorized to be the ghost of a prehistoric aquatic Pokémon. Galarian Corsola are bleached completely white and have semi- transparent branches, which they use to drain the life force of their opponents. Because of their transparent branches, Galarian Corsola are often mistaken for ordinary rocks. It’s said that Galarian Corsola curse swimmers who accidentally kick them while swimming.

What's a Galarian Corsola

How to get Galarian Corsola?

Galarian Corsola can only be caught in Pokémon Shield.

Where to catch Galarian Corsola in Pokémon Shield:

  1. The Wild Area
  2. Lake of Outrage (Overcast)
  3. The Wild Area Max Raid Battles
  4. Giant's Mirror
  5. South Lake Miloch
  6. Stony Wilderness
  7. Watchtower Ruins
  8. Crown Tundra Max Raid Battles
  9. Slippery Slope
  10. Old Cemetery
  11. Giant's Foot
  12. Frigid Sea
  13. Ballimere Lake

How to catch Galarian Corsola in Pokémon Shield:

To easily catch Galarian Corsola in Pokémon Sword and Shield, visit Giant’s Mirror in the Wild Area while the weather is Overcast and search the water. You’ll eventually find Galarian Corsola wandering on the overworld. Carefully battle Galarian Corsola to bring it to low health, and inflict a status condition like Sleep or Paralysis to make it easier to catch. Once you weaken Galarian Corsola, throw a PokéBall to catch it!

How to get Johtonian Corsola in Pokemon Shield:

You can obtain Johtonian Corsola in Pokémon Shield on the Isle of Armor via in-game trade with Regina.

How to get Johtonian Corsola in Pokemon Shield

Galarian Corsola - Abilities

Galarian Corsola can possess one of two different abilities:

  1. Weak Armor: When hit by an attack, the Pokémon's Defense is lowered by one stage but Speed is increased by two stages.

  1. (Hidden Ability) Cursed Body: When a move hits the Pokémon, that move has a 30% chance of getting disabled.

Galarian Corsola - Abilities

Galarian Corsola - Weaknesses & Resistances

Galarian Corsola’s Ghost typing gives it good defense against Poison and Bug type moves, and immunity to Normal and Fighting type moves. However, Galarian Corsola is weak to Ghost and Dark type moves.

Galarian Corsola - Weaknesses & Resistances

Galarian Corsola - Evolution Line

Unlike Johtonian Corsola, Galarian Corsola has one evolution:

  1. Galarian Corsola will evolve into Cursola at level 38.

Galarian Corsola - Evolution Line

Galarian Corsola - Base Stats

Galarian Corsola’s stats make it a durable defender, with high Defense and Special Defense.

HPAttackDefenseSp. AttackSp. DefenseSpeedTotal

Galarian Corsola - Moves

LevelMove NameTypeCategoryPowerAcc.PPEffect %
A physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the target with its whole body.

The user stiffens all the muscles in its body to raise its Defense stat.

The user attacks the target while shouting in a startling fashion. This may also make the target flinch.

For four turns, this move prevents the target from using the move it last used.

The user unleashes its grudge on the move last used by the target by cutting 4 PP from it.

20Ancient PowerRockSpecial60100510
The target is raked with steel claws. This may also raise the user's Attack stat.The user attacks with a prehistoric power. This may also raise all the user's stats at once.

This relentless attack does massive damage to a target affected by status conditions.

A move that works differently for the Ghost type than for all other types.

35Strength SapGrassStatus--10010100
The user restores its HP by the same amount as the target's Attack stat. It also lowers the target's Attack stat.

40Power GemRockSpecial8010020--
The user attacks with a ray of light that sparkles as if it were made of gemstones.

45Night ShadeGhostSpecial??10015--
The user makes the target see a frightening mirage. It inflicts damage equal to the user's level.

If the user faints, the user's grudge fully depletes the PP of the opponent's move that knocked it out.

55Mirror CoatPsychicSpecial??10020--
A retaliation move that counters any special attack, inflicting double the damage taken.


Does Galarian Corsola evolve?

  1. Yes, Galarian Corsola will evolve into Cursola at level 38.

What is Galarian Corsola based on?

  1. Galarian Corsola is based on real-life bleached coral. Coral bleaching is what happens when coral slowly dies due to pollution and rising water temperatures.

How do you evolve Galarian Corsola in Pokemon sword and shield?

  1. To evolve Galarian Corsola into Cursola, simply train it to level 38.

Final Words

Corsola is one of a small group of Pokémon who became Ghost type due to tumultuous climate change in the prehistoric Galar seas, and it’s also one of a small handful of Pokémon to receive both a Galar form and a unique Galar evolution. It’s a stout Ghost-type defender with a strong defensive moveset. Add Galarian Corsola to your Pokédex today!

Let’s Go, Corsola!

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