LEGO 2K Drive

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Lego 2K Drive
Lego 2K Drive. Source: YouTube

Lego 2K Drive is an exciting racing game set in the world of Lego, skillfully developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K. After much anticipation, this long-awaited title has finally made its debut, delighting fans with its unique approach as one of the few Lego games not crafted by TT Games in quite some time. Since its release, the game has sparked an impressive amount of discussion and contemplation, garnering attention and provoking thoughts among players and critics alike which has made it one of the most intriguing releases of the year thus far.

What is LEGO 2K Drive about?

Lego 2K Drive offers an immersive racing experience from a third-person perspective. The game takes place in the vivid realm of BrickLandia, comprising various regions that players can freely explore. True to the Lego tradition, the game embraces destructible environments, allowing players to interact with and impact their surroundings. Alongside progressing through the captivating story, players can engage in a multitude of mini-games and challenges dispersed throughout the expansive game world.

A remarkable feature lies in the game's vehicle customization, providing players with the opportunity to construct their own unique rides using an extensive selection of over 1,000 LEGO pieces. Moreover, players can opt for more conventional vehicle options from Lego City and Lego Creator. Adding to the excitement, vehicles have the ability to transform, reminiscent of the transformative mechanics seen in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

This amalgamation of innovative gameplay elements ensures a thrilling and dynamic racing adventure for players to relish.

LEGO 2K Drive gameplay

Lego 2K Drive
Lego 2K Drive. Source: YouTube

Lego 2K Drive's captivating gameplay has been showcased in several previews, offering a glimpse into the exciting features of the game. With a comprehensive campaign mode, engaging online multiplayer, and a shared world, players have the freedom to construct their own vehicles brick by brick, paving the way for exhilarating racing experiences.

What sets these vehicles apart is their seamless transformation between boat, off-road, and on-road modes, adapting to the diverse terrains encountered during races. Each terrain presents unique handling challenges, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. Furthermore, the game boasts crossplay functionality, enabling players to join forces and compete with friends on different platforms, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

However, it's worth noting that crossplay on Nintendo Switch is not available, offering a distinct experience for players on that particular platform. At the game's launch, players will be greeted by the expansive Bricklandia map, which encompasses a sizable landscape comprising four distinct biomes: Turbo Acres, Big Butte County, Prospecto Valley and numerous others.

The developers have plans to enrich the game experience through future DLC content, which will be available both at launch and beyond, promising exciting additions to the already immersive world. In the vast expanse of Bricklandia, players will discover a wide array of enticing offerings to enhance their gameplay. They can acquire various desirable items and upgrades, utilizing in-game Coins or opting for the convenience of purchasing them with real-world currency.

LEGO 2K Drive trailers



LEGO 2K Drive Modes

LEGO 2K Drive
Source: YouTube

Lego 2K Drive offers an array of captivating gameplay modes, each providing a distinct experience for players to enjoy. The game encompasses four primary modes: Story, Cup Series, Race and Minigames. Each mode contributes to the overall excitement and variety of gameplay.

Story Mode stands as the centerpiece of Lego 2K Drive's narrative, accommodating both single-player and local co-op play. Within this mode, players engage in thrilling races against a colorful cast of characters, striving to claim the prestigious Sky Cup Trophy. As the captivating plot unfolds, players traverse various tracks across Bricklandia, experiencing high-stakes challenges and intense competition.

In Race Mode, players engage in head-to-head races on specific tracks, testing their skills and speed against fellow competitors. They have the freedom to choose their preferred course and customize race rules, including the option to toggle on or off specific abilities, adding an extra layer of strategy to the intense races.

Cup Series Mode offers a more extensive racing experience, where players compete across multiple tracks, accumulating points as they aim to emerge as the ultimate champion. With each race contributing to their overall score, competitors vie for supremacy, making every race a thrilling pursuit of victory.

Finally, Minigames inject a dose of creativity and variety into the gameplay, diverting from traditional racing scenarios. Players are presented with imaginative challenges that require them to think outside the box, utilizing their vehicles in unconventional ways. Whether it's demolishing enemies or executing daring rescue missions, Minigames offer a refreshing break from the standard racing format, sparking creativity and providing unique gameplay opportunities.

When will LEGO 2K Drive be released and for what platforms?

LEGO 2K Drive was released on May 19, 2023 for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. It also features crossplay although crossplay is not available on Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, several reports have confirmed that LEGO 2K Drive is not on Xbox Game Pass. There has been no announcement regarding an Xbox Game Pass release from anyone involved.


Q. Is LEGO 2K Drive free?

A. Unfortunately, Lego 2K Drive won’t be available for free to play on any of the platforms where it will be released as 2K are sticking to a pay-for-access strategy.

Q. Is LEGO 2K Drive 2 player?

A. LEGO 2K Drive offers a number of options for connecting with your friends or other online users, including cross-platform co-op and multiplayer (which can be turned off in the settings). It also supports single-player and split-screen.

Q. Is LEGO 2K Drive coming to Game Pass?

A. Sadly, LEGO 2K Drive is not available on Game Pass. As of May 2023, 2K Games has not made any announcements regarding their intentions to make LEGO 2K Drive available on Microsoft's subscription service.

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