Ludwig Net Worth

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Ludwig Net Worth

Ludwig Anders Ahgren is an American YouTuber, streamer and commentator. According to Net Worth Spot, his net worth is estimated at around USD 8.3 million.

Ahgren grew up in Hollis, New Hampshire, and attended Hollis Brookline High School. Ludwig had an interest in comedy, gaming, and theater from an early age and completed his graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Arizona State University in 2017. Ludwig has been in a relationship with Blaire “QTCinderella” since 2020.

He hosted a ‘subathon’ event featuring a 31-day “never-ending” stream that began on March 14, 2014. He registered a total of over 283,000 concurrent subscribers on April 13, 2021 although that record was broken by Kai Cenat in 2023.

Real Name
Ludwig Anders Ahgren
DOB6th July, 1995 (Age 27)
Height5 ft 9 in
Weight72 Kg
AddressHollis, New Hampshire, USA
Marital Status/ PartnerIn a relationship with QTCinderella
Source of WealthContent Creator, Online streamer, Entrepreneur, eSports commentator and competitor
Net WorthUSD 8.3 million

Ludwig Ahgren Net Worth (2023)

According to Net Worth Spot, Ludwig’s net worth has been estimated at around USD 8.3 million. However, some reports suggest that after including all his income sources, his net worth could be higher than USD 10 million. Ludwig is the sixth most-watched YouTube streamer with 22.82 million hours watched.

Not only that, in 2023, Ludwig announced that he has become a co-owner of Moist Esports and believes that his income from the esports team “pales in comparison" to what a streamer can make.

Sources of Income

As previously stated, the majority of Ludwig's profits come from his streaming channel on YouTube and before that on Twitch. The streamer also receives large donations and earns money through advertisements and brand sponsorships. He also has a number of sponsors and business collaborations. While he is no longer a professional Super Smash Bros. competitor/commentator, his gaming career provided a portion of his income until 2018. He's also been in commercials for and MSI.


Ludwig’s total net worth

Ludwig Ahgren has four YouTube channels that he owns entirely and one that he co-owns with Nick Vercillo, Billy Gibbons, and Aiden McCaig. However, Ahgren's four YouTube channels, which are worth between $330 thousand and over $6 million depending on how much they generate every month, play a significant role in his net worth.

According to Social Blade, his main channel gets over 100 million views per month. It generates between USD 37.9k - 606k per month, and between USD 454.5k - 7.3 million per year. The channel has over 1.4 billion views till date.


Ludwig’s Twitch earnings have hit the roof before he left the streaming giant in 2021. He had revealed that he ended up earning around $1.4 million from his Twitch ‘subathon’ event alone. Additionally, in a major Twitch leak, it was revealed that the streamer earned around $3.3 million between 2019 and 2021 from Twitch.

Earnings from Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Ludwig Ahgren has a number of brand endorsements and sponsorships and has also featured in multiple advertisements as mentioned above. He is also a philanthropist, and was associated with the “No Kid Hungry” campaign. He donated $5 for every sub that he got on the final day of his 31-day never-ending stream.

Other Sponsorship deals

Not much is known about the sponsorship deals that Ludwig has signed in the past. He announced in April 2019 that Rally was his first-ever sponsor. However, the streamer has since been involved in multiple sponsorships, merchandise and advertising deals.


Like most of the details about Ludwig’s personal life, not much is known about his personal expenses. Ludwig had bid over $53,000 to hang out with Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek for a charity auction in February 2021. He currently lives in a house in Los Angeles with partner QTCinderella.


Q. Is Ludwig married?

A. No, Ludwig is currently unmarried. The 25-year old internet personality has been in a relationship with QTCinderella since early 2020.

Q. When did Ludwig become the most-subscribed streamer of all time on Twitch?

A. Ludwig achieved the historic feat on April 13, 2021 when he registered over 283,000 concurrent subscribers on Twitch.

Q. Is Ludwig a professional gamer?

A. No, Ludwig is no longer a professional gamer. He dedicated himself to full-time streaming in February 2019 after registering mild success as a Super Smash Bros. Melee competitor.

Q. How much money does Ludwig earn in a year?

A. Although unconfirmed, Ludwig is estimated to earn anywhere between $8-12 million a year.

Q. Where was Ludwig born?

A. Ludwig was born in Hollis, New Hampshire in a French American bilingual household. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California with QTCinderella and four other flatmates.