PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update

Last Modified Feb 27, 2023 06:34 GMT
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PUBG Mobile 2.5 is the second major update of 2023 and is set to bring tons of new content, including a collaboration event with Bugatti. Additionally, PUBG Mobile is set to introduce a new creative mode in the next update, Level Infinite. The mode will allow the player to design their own maps and share their map codes with friends.

The 5th anniversary event will include free cosmetics and special game modes, and the official beta version of PUBG Mobile for Android is available for lower-middle range devices.

When can PUBG Mobile users expect the 2.5 update?

The 2.5 upgrade will be 2023's second significant release. Between March 3 and March 10, the update will likely be made available to players globally, with March 5 being the most likely date. Many have anticipated that by the second week of March, all servers will have received the new version since there have previously been delays that resulted in certain regions obtaining upgrades before others.

Recent upgrades for the game across various geographies and devices have been released slowly. As a result, it is likely that Tencent Games will distribute the next 2.5 update for PUBG Mobile across a number of days. In order to download the update whenever it becomes available for their device, players need to make sure they have enough storage and data.

PUBG Mobile 2.5 update release time on March 5 in different regions:

  • Bangladesh: 6 am

  • England: 12 am

  • Nepal: 5:45 am

  • USA: 7 pm on March 4 (New York Time)

  • Pakistan: 5 am

  • Indonesia: 6 am - 7 am

  • Russia: 5 am - 6 am

  • Japan: 10 am

What are the new features that will be added in the PUBG Mobile 2.5 update?

The launch of the new update and PUBG Mobile's fifth anniversary fall on the same day, so gamers can anticipate free awards and special events soon. Players will be able to unlock crates and obtain exclusive resources in regions of the map that are themed around the game's fifth anniversary in the upcoming update. The ongoing version 2.5 beta has also confirmed three new items.

Block Cover

On all the maps, the new item will be hidden in crates. Block Covers can be creatively used to create bridges and lifts as well as defensive walls.

Portable Trampoline

Players can increase their height vertically by using the Portable Trampoline, which can be located everywhere on the map.

Portable Cannon

The Portable Cannon will spawn all throughout Erangel and may be used to fling people over great distances as well as shoot projectiles from a distance.

Map: Erangel

By inhabiting certain structures in the Imagination Plaza, players can unlock crates and acquire advanced resources. Players can compete for the giant container indicated with the "5" emblem in the central region and gain access to more resources once the four marked structures are unlocked. The Imagination District's other smaller themed regions include additional crates.

Bugatti collab event

To commemorate its fifth anniversary next month, PUBG will work with the Bugatti automaker. A purported partnership with luxury automaker Bugatti is one of the most intriguing potential features of the PUBG Mobile 2.5 release. Data miners have found leaks that indicate the upgrade will bring Dacia skins based on the Chiron family of Bugatti vehicles. Nevertheless, neither the creators nor the publisher have yet to provide any confirmations.

Will PUBG Mobile 2.5 update have enhanced gameplay?

The gameplay experience will see a lot of improvements with the PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update. You may record even more breathtaking videos of your battles with Camera 3.0. A more immersive experience will be offered by the upgraded camera feature, giving you the impression that you are right in the middle of the action.

Also, the new Throw Trajectory function will undoubtedly impact the game for gamers that enjoy tossing objects. Throw Trajectory, which was inspired by a similar function in Game for Peace, enables you to observe the trajectory of your throw without pressing the throw button, resulting in throws that are more accurate and precise.


Q. When was the last PUBG update?

A. The last PUBG update was 2.4 and the game started updating in different locations around the world on January 4, 2023. As of January 6, 2023, the version has begun performing in India. Soon after, gamers will be able to download and use the most recent PUBG 2.4 update.

Q. How do I install PUBG Mobile beta?

A. Simply download the APK from the Uptodown store to install BETA PUBG MOBILE on your Android smartphone. A message asking you to install the APK will appear once you've completed this. You can play it after accepting it and it has been installed on your device.

Q. Who created PUBG?

A. The battle royale video game PUBG Mobile was created by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a part of Tencent Games. It is a smartphone game adaptation of PUBG: Battlegrounds.