Sweet Anita Net Worth

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Sweet Anita, or simply Anita, is a British content creator from East Anglia. She streams on Twitch as a Twitch partner and uploads regularly to her two YouTube channels. She also sells her own merchandise on her website. She has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome; one of her symptoms being coprolalia with her candidness and informative videos on the syndrome praised by many. Not only that, she has received praise from others with the same condition for being a source of representation.

Due to her coprolalia, Anita often has outbursts that cause her to say inappropriate words over which she has no control; one such incident was when she blurted out the N-word on stream. However, Twitch did not ban her for the incident. She currently sits at over 1.7 million followers on Twitch and 1.36 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel. Starting out as an Overwatch streamer, her most streamed category as of now is Just Chatting.

Sweet Anita

Real NameAnita
DOBJuly 28th, 1990
Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight121 pounds
Marital Status/PartnerSingle/Unknown
Source of WealthTwitch streamer, YouTuber, sponsorships, merchandise
Net Worth$500,000

How much is Sweet Anita’s total net worth?

Sweet Anita’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 as of Feb 2022. Anita blew up in popularity on her Twitch channel with her quirky relatable humor and her candidness about her medical condition, i.e. Tourette’s. She has multiple YouTube channels, a singular Twitch channel and also sells her own merchandise. Furthermore, she has accrued sponsorships from many reputed names over the years.

On what platform does Sweet Anita stream?

Anita currently exclusively streams to Twitch but has several YouTube channels through which she uploads Twitch highlights and edited clips to. She also uploads content on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

How much does Sweet Anita earn?

Anita has multiple ways through which she earns her income. She streams on Twitch earning at least $60k per annum through donations and subscriptions, not including higher-tiered subscribers. Anita regularly uploads to her two YouTube channels as well and that generates up to $96k a year. She also earns quite a bit of money from sponsorships, stating that most of her streaming setup has been sent by a variety of different sponsors she has worked with over the years.

From her two YouTube channels, Anita earns between $36k to $96k a year. Her Twitch channel nets her at the very least $60k a year, not including donations. She also makes an undisclosed amount from selling merchandise of her “Sweet Anita” brand and has also carried out many sponsorship deals over the years.

Sweet Anita Streaming

Sweet Anita’s entrepreneurial endeavors

She has stated that, prior to becoming a streamer, she was a self-employed earner due to her Tourettes being disruptive to the point where she was not fit for employment. She would collect sea glass, creating and selling jewelry from them or would end up just selling the raw materials.

Currently, she sells her brand merchandise and generates a significant amount of income through various sponsorship deals that she has carried out over the years.

Sweet Anita’s Twitch career

Sweet Anita created her Twitch channel in 2018, on the 29th of April. Enjoying the anonymity of using push-to-talk in-game, she made friends through playing late-night Overwatch. Upon meeting a fellow streamer and learning about the community, she began her own channel. Today, she has over 1.7 million followers and generates around 3k viewers per stream. Her most-streamed category is Just Chatting, followed by Overwatch and she streams for 3 days a week; Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Sweet Anita’s YouTube career

Anita created her YouTube channel several months after her Twitch channel and she uploads a mix of vlog-style content, Q&As, and edited highlights of her Twitch stream VODs. She currently has 1.36 million subscribers with 76 million views in total over 227 uploads.

Earnings from entrepreneurial endeavors

Sweet Anita currently sells merchandise, apart from earning money from her YouTube and Twitch channels. This includes T-shirts, hoodies, beanies, and other accessories.

Earnings as a Youtuber

She has 2 YouTube channels; “Sweet Anita,” her main channel through which she uploads edited VODs of her Twitch streams along with original content, and “Sweet Anita’s Best Clips,” a channel where she uploads Twitch clips that perform well on her channel. With 1.3 million subscribers on her main channel, Anita racks up around 1.3 million views every month. Calculations show that she makes around $1k to $4k a month on the platform, and about $12k to $48k a year. On her secondary channel, she accrues about $2k to $4k a month and $24k to $48k; in addition to this, she also makes money from sponsorships.

Earnings as a Twitch Streamer

Averaging around 2k to 4k subscribers a month and assuming all of them are Tier 1, she would make around $5k to $10k a month and $60k to $120k a month. This is a minimum amount, however, as she could earn extra money from sponsorships, donations, bits cheered as well as from subscribers that pay for higher tiers.

Other Sponsorship Deals

Anita has been sponsored by Trojan, Displate, Remedy Entertainment (for Control), Skybound Games (for Slime Rancher), FromSoftware (for Sekire: Shadows Die Twice) and Respawn (for Apex Legends) among many others. She has stated on her Twitter that almost all of her streaming setup was sent to her by sponsors; along with that, she also mentioned that when she was signed to OPG (Online Performer’s Group), her agency would step in between sponsorship deals and help her bring in more money.



Anita’s expenses are unknown although earlier this year in January, she tweeted out that a majority of her setup was attained through sponsors sending her items. She also added that “(I) use things to death because I hate to waste electronics,” estimating the value of her setup to at least $7k. Seemingly, she does not spend money on luxurious items or brands.

In the News

Sweet Anita is known for her candidness with regard to her dealings with Tourette’s syndrome. She has made, and continues to make, videos on the condition in order to educate others and normalize it which has garnered much praise within the community.

At the tail-end of 2019, due to her Tourette’s she had a tic that caused her to say the N-word on stream. Many called on Twitch to ban her, including streamer “lilchiipmunk”. Twitch, however, decided to not ban her or pose any warnings on her channel after taking into account the context. She has previously stated on stream that she is half-black, and the word was something she heard used often, especially in rap music. She also admitted that while it is a word she knows, she does not say it intentionally and is unable to control what her verbal tics make her say.

Anita has been dealing with an incessant stalker who has issued multiple death threats against her, both on and off stream. She has stated that “(I) have been assaulted, I have been chased, and people have had to restrain my stalker out in public because he wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Upon confronting the police, she quickly found that avenue to be a dead end as they were not able to take any action; she released a video on her YouTube channel detailing the entire situation. Other streamers came out in agreement with her stance, stating they had also received a similar response from their respective local police officers. A flock of people tweeted out to the UK police, asking for a response to Anita’s plea for help and criticizing them for their lack of action.

In April 2021, she opened up about her feelings on quitting Twitch due to viewers attempting to extract sexual content from herself or sexualize her being by taking out-of-context clips of her or saving screenshots of her from her videos. She expressed her frustration at genuinely trying to build a community and entertain her viewers by putting in all the effort she can, while many of those same people, in turn, are more focused on eroticizing her or trying to get suggestive content out of her; “They still sell my body without my consent.”


Q. What is Sweet Anita’s medical condition?

Anita has stated multiple times that she has Tourette’s syndrome, a condition which causes her to often “tic.” Her Tourette’s is accompanied by coprolalia, which causes her to have outbursts of verbal tics. She found solace in online gaming spaces as it was a flexible mode of entertainment for her and thus her Tourette’s wouldn’t cause her too many problems.

Q. Is Sweet Anita single?

Sweet Anita is currently not dating anyone; however, she has spoken about her past relationships on her stream before.

Q. How much does Sweet Anita earn?

Anita earns anywhere around $96k to $120k a year, not including additional donations, higher-tiered Twitch subscribers, sponsorships and the money she accrues through merchandise sales.

Q. Where does Sweet Anita stream?

Anita streams only on her Twitch channel as of now, however, she regularly uploads edited clips and highlights of her Twitch streams to her YouTube channel. She is also active on Twitter and rarely posts to her Instagram.