Top 5 Best Accessories in Terraria and How to Get Them

Last Modified Mar 10, 2021 12:52 GMT

There are over 300 different accessories in Terraria and all of them provide different movement, informational, health/mana, combat, construction, fishing, yo-yo, and vanity benefits. Many of these accessories can be upgraded, combined, and can synergize with other accessories. It can be hard to decide which accessories you should fill into one of your 5-7 slots (depending on which difficulty you chose), but this list narrows down how to get some of the best accessories for combat you can find in Terraria.

Hermes Boots/Terraspark Boots

Let’s start with one of the best accessories in the game, the Terraspark Boots. It begins with the humble Hermes Boots which allows you to accelerate and move faster. These boots are a must have as they save you time and provide you with mobility to fight against bosses or simply the ability to move around your world faster. Once you get used to having this accessory equipped, it is hard to go back to life without them. Luckily, they can be combined and upgraded throughout different stages of the game with various other accessories to eventually get you to the Terraspark boots. The Terraspark Boots combine the effect of rocket boots, hermes boots, a passive movement speed increase of 8%, ability to walk on any liquid in the game, immunity to fire blocks, 7 seconds of lava immunity, and even reduces the amount of damage you take from lava. It is hard to ask for more from one accessory.

You can obtain the Hermes Boots by finding them in golden chests underground by the cave layer. If you want to upgrade them into the Terraspark boots you will need to combine the Hermes Boots/Sailfish/Dunrider/Flurry Boots with Rocket Boots. Combine the resulting Spectre Boots with an Anklet of the Wind and an Aglet. This will result in the Lightning Boots which you combine with Ice Skates to make the Frostspark Boots. This is the first half in creating the Terraspark Boots. To complete the other half you will need to turn 20 obsidian into an Obsidian Skull and combine that with a Lava Charm that can be found in Underworld biome chests to obtain the Molten Charm. Combine this item with Water Walking Boots and an Obsidian Rose dropped by Fire Imps to get the Lava Waders. Finally you can combine the Frostspark Boots and the Lava Waders to get the Terraspark Boots.

Cloud in a Bottle/Bundle of Balloons

One of the best accessories you can find early in the game is the Cloud/Blizzard/Sandstorm in a Bottle. These accessories provide you with a double jump which helps you navigate the twisting tunnels underground with ease. Not to mention they can help you survive fall damage if you manage to jump before you land. The fully upgraded variant of the bottled double jump grants you a quadruple jump and raises your jump height. This can synergize with a pair of wings and with the height from rocket boots.

To find a Cloud in a Bottle or a Blizzard in a Bottle you have to find a golden or ice chest underground near the cavern layer respectively. The Sandstorm in a Bottle can only be found in Pyramid chests and can take you quite a bit of time to find as most worlds do not even spawn with a pyramid. To get the Bundle of Balloons, you need to combine each bottle with a Shiny Red Balloon which can be found in sky islands. Once you have a Cloud, Blizzard, and Sandstorm in a Balloon, you can combine these three to get the Bundle of Balloons. Having two jumps is convenient, having four jumps allows you to outmaneuver any enemy in the game.

Master Ninja Gear

One of the best accessories in the game that offers you extra movement capabilities and a rare chance to avoid all damage is the Master Ninja Gear. This is one of the only accessories that grant the player a dash which can help you get a quick burst of movement speed to dodge away from boss attacks. It also allows you to cling to walls and completely negate all damage from an attack 10% of the time.

To get Master Ninja Gear you will need to combine Climbing Claws and Shoe Spikes to get Tiger Climbing Gear. You can find Climbing Claws from fishing crates and surface level brown chests. Shoe Spikes can only be found in gold chests from the cavern layer. Combine Tiger Climbing Gear with a Tabi and a Black Belt to finish crafting your Master Ninja Gear. To get a Tabi and a Black Belt you will have to find Bone Lee in Hardmode dungeons. He will drop Tabis and Black Belts rarely.

Philosopher’s Stone/Charm of Myths

A rather unorthodox pick for this list, but the Philosopher’s Stone does a lot to keep you alive. With its rather simple effect of cutting the potion sickness debuff by 25% those extra 15 seconds of healing health can do wonders in keeping you alive during a boss fight. You can combine the Philosopher’s Stone with a Band of Regeneration to grant you even more leeway in boss fights by keeping your health up.

You can only find Philosopher’s Stones from mimics found in Hardmode. They have a 1 in 6 chance of dropping a stone and while mimics can be hard to find while you are looking for them, you will probably run into a few mimics while simply exploring during Hardmode. To get a Band of Regeneration you can find them underground near the cavern layer in gold chests.

Cobalt Shield/Ankh Shield

One of the hardest and best accessories you can find in Terraria for combat would be the Ankh Shield. The Ankh Shield provides a small defense boost, but its primary use is to prevent your character from getting debuffed. The debuffs in Terraria are staggering and being immune to most of them does wonders for your sanity. This shield prevents knockback and keeps you from taking extra damage by getting comboed by bosses. The Ankh Shield provides you with immunity from bleeding, broken armor, burning, confusion, cursed, darkness, poison, silence, slow, and weak.

It starts with the Cobalt Shield which can be found in locked golden chests in the dungeon. Make an Obsidian Skull with 20 obsidian and combine it with the Cobalt Shield to get the Obsidian Shield.

To make the Ankh Charm you will need to farm many different enemies to get their rare drops. Kill Corruptors/Floaty Gross depending on which evil spawned in your world to gather Vitamins, combine these with the Armor Polish you get from Armored Skeletons to get Armor Bracing. Defeat Werewolves or Angler Fish to get the Adhesive Bandage and combine this with the Bezoar you get from Hornets or Toxic Sludge to get a Medicated Bandage. Next you will need to get a Nazar from the floating weapon enemies from the hallow and the Crimson/Corruption and combine it with the Megaphone you can get from Pixies, Dark/Blood Mummies, and Green Jellyfish to get the Countercurse Mantra. Finally, you will need to get a Fast Clock from Pixies, Mummies, or Wraiths and combine it with the Trifold Map you can obtain from Giant Bats, Light Mummies, and Clowns to obtain The Plan.

Once you have combined all these items, take the Armor Bracing, Medicated Bandage, Countercurse Mantra, and The Plan to make an Ankh Charm. Finish your Ankh Shield by combining the Ankh Charm and an Obsidian Shield. Terraria loves to add tiers upon tiers of items and the Ankh Shield is no exception. It may be a lot of work, but this accessory provides you with a lot of safety and keeps you from getting some of the worst debuffs you can receive.


Q. What are some of the better non-combat Accessories?

The Lucky Coin can help you gather money to buy various furniture items, supply your character from vendor inventories, or simply keep your character generally funded. The Clothier and Guide Voodoo Doll can help you take out some frustration on the more annoying NPCs. In all seriousness, the PDA will provide you with information that can help you conduct some science and inform you if rare creatures are nearby, help you farm enemies in the correct range of time, determine how wide or tall you want a build to be, and much more.

Q. What is the Best Expert-Mode Exclusive Accessory?

The Shield of Cthulhu is my pick for the best expert exclusive accessory. It is one of the two accessories in the game that allows you to dash in the game and having an extra movement capability does wonders for fighting bosses. Dashing also helps you accelerate faster and can simply save you time as you explore throughout the world. A close second would be the humble Worm Scarf as Expert/Master mode enemies hit like a truck and keeping yourself alive can be difficult.