5 fastest motorcycles in GTA Online that are worth buying

Bikes are a useful mode of transportation in GTA Online (Images via Sportskeeda)
Bikes are a useful mode of transportation in GTA Online (Images via Sportskeeda)
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It might be difficult to choose from the various motorcycles in GTA Online that provide players with both amazing speed and performance.

There are several factors to take into account when choosing a ride. Top speed is a pretty important element of a motorbike, but acceleration, handling, and weight all come into play as well. Moreover, motorbikes also handle differently when compared to supercars, so GTA Online players also need to take that into account as well.

However, having access to at least one of the top GTA Online motorcycles will make the gaming experience much better, especially if players are bored of constantly driving cars in GTA Online. If they are having trouble deciding which one to buy, this article will recommend five of the best motorcycles in GTA Online.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinion.

The 5 best GTA Online motorcycles that players have to get in 2022

5) Manchez Scout


The Manchez Scout is portrayed as a military/utility version of the Manchez and seems to borrow heavily from the Armstrong MT500 while also including certain features from the Kawasaki KLR 250.

The motorcycle has a similar basic shape to the original Manchez, with handlebars, a single exhaust, and protection frames on the front and sides of the engine room. Similar to the Manchez, the engine bay has a single exhaust pipe that exits through the left side and enters the right side.

The Manchez Scout makes up for its mediocre top speed and slow acceleration by being a great off-road vehicle with good handling. However, it falls short of the original Manchez in both categories.

In contrast to the original, the player is permitted to do a wheelie at any speed as long as they avoid colliding with any stationary objects or moving cars. It is better suited for races with challenging terrain and a lot of turns because of its average top speed. Players can buy this bike for $225,000 from Warstock Cache and Carry.

4) Nagasaki Shotaro


The Nagasaki Shotaro is a futuristic sports bike that was introduced in GTA Online as part of the Bikers update. The Shotaro is mostly based on the Lotus C-01, but it also resembles the Light Cycle in the Tron movies, notably the 5th generation version shown in the 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy.

The similar neon body package, low-profile design, and identical-sized wheels all serve to demonstrate this. The Shotaro can easily compete with a number of other high-end sports motorcycles owing to its amazing overall performance. It has a very high top speed that just barely beats the Hakuchou Drag.

Its acceleration and braking are also incredible and allow the rider to take off and come to a stop quickly. Players can get this bike for $2,225,000 from Legendary Motorsports

3) Gargoyle


The 1928 Indian 101 Scout looks to be the inspiration for the Gargoyle, which has been transformed into a hillclimber and given a more durable body. The bike has a very simple design with little body paneling, and the front forks are connected by an upper panel that hides the triple clamps and has two tiny round headlights on its bottom side.

With extremely comparable handling and braking, the bike operates quite similarly to the Hexer. Because of the rear tire's chain-wrapped grip, the wheels won't spin when the bike starts aggressively. The huge steering radius of the motorbike contributes to its excellent handling.

The bike, as would be expected, features a sizable V-Twin engine with a peculiar odd-firing idle sound that appears to be louder than the engine sounds heard in cars like the Daemon and the Hot Rod Blazer. Players can buy this bike for $120,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos and Arena War.

2) Hakuchou Drag


The Shitzu Hakuchou Drag is a drag bike featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Bikers update. It is a modified variant of the Hakuchou, with shaved mirrors, short exhausts, custom chrome wheels and frames, and a stretched swingarm. The exhaust tubes are finished in silver/chrome, and the rear and foot pegs are present for the passenger.

Despite the bike's incredible speed, understeer occurs when traveling at high speeds. The suspension is relatively responsive to road bumps. Although it has incredible handling and speed, its wide swingarm prevents it from allowing players to perform any wheelies.

Additionally, players are strongly advised to equip bulletproof tires if they intend to use the bike in Freemode because its back wheel is exposed to gunfire. Overall, it is a worthy competitor for races and can easily compete against other faster bikes. Players can get this bike for $976,000 from Legendary Motorsports.

1) Bati 801


The Pegassi Bati 801 is a sports bike featured in GTA 5 and GTA Online. It is arguably the best bike players can buy, especially if they are low on cash.

The Bati 801 is one of the fastest bikes in the game and has a very stable and agile body with decent handling and strong acceleration. When using the Bati 801, one should exercise caution since its light body frequently causes it to be launched or even squandered when it comes into contact with uneven ground. Players can get this for only $15,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Auto.

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