5 Imani Tech vehicles in GTA Online that players must avoid in 2024

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There are some Imani Tech vehicles in GTA Online that are simply not worth it (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Imani Tech vehicles in GTA Online are some of the best options players can pick. This is not just because they have an overall decent performance but mainly because they are compatible with these upgrades and can install the Missile Lock-on Jammers, making them immune to Homing Missiles. However, not all Imani Tech vehicles are worth purchasing.

While some of them, like the Buffalo STX, are great, others can quickly turn out to be a waste of precious money in the game. Several things make a vehicle bad and speed as well as performance are some of the criteria.

This article will list five of the Imani Tech vehicles in the game that are not worth your money.

Note: The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

5 Imani Tech vehicles in GTA Online not worth purchasing

1) Bravado Greenwood


There are several reasons why the Bravado Greenwood is an Imani tech vehicle that players should avoid. Being a Muscle Car, it can only reach a top speed of 118.00 mph (189.90 km/h) after a full upgrade, which is quite slow.

On top of that, it does not have good handling, making it difficult to control and maneuver through traffic. However, the main reason why it is not worth it is because it comes with a price tag of $1,465,000. On top of that, you will then need to spend extra money on the Imani Tech upgrade, ultimately making this car not worth the overall cost.

2) Vapid Aleutian


There are several other SUVs in the game, like the newly-added Gallivanter Baller ST-D that offer decent performance along with the Imani Tech upgrade. However, the Vapid Aleutian falls behind them in several regards. While it is not exactly slow, considering its massive size, it is also not the most pleasant ride in the game.

The Vapid Aleutian can reach a top speed of 113.25 mph (182.26 km/h), but the handling makes it not worth the price tag of $1,835,000. It feels sluggish and struggles to maneuver through traffic. This means even with the Imani Tech upgrades, you will feel unsafe in this car.

3) Dewbauchee Champion


Most players consider the Dewbauchee Champion to be the worst supercar in GTA Online. However, this is not exactly due to its top speed of 124.75 mph (200.77 km/h) or handling. While it does struggle in these departments, most feel spending $3,750,000 on it is simply not worth it.

You will immediately notice the understeer when driving the Dewbauchee Champion in the game. This is quite frustrating and not expected of a supercar since there are some amazing choices in this category. The car is overall disappointing considering its original price and the cost to implement the Imani Tech upgrades.

4) Penaud La Coureuse


Penaud La Coureuse is an amazing car when it comes to speed or acceleration thanks to it being an electric vehicle. However, it is not as impressive as other options when it comes to Imani Tech cars. This is mainly because it lacks some of the other upgrades like Armor Plating and Slick Mines.

To make things worse, the Penaud La Coureuse costs $1,990,000 and can only reach a top speed of 114.50 mph (184.27 km/h). However, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users have things better because the car can equip the HSW Upgrades exclusive to these consoles.

As for players on other platforms, there are some better options than this vehicle, and a few often appear in one or another GTA Online weekly update.

5) Enus Deity


While there are some amazing Sports Cars in GTA Online that can reach good top speeds and have great handling, the Enus Deity is probably not one of them. While it is not an overall disappointing vehicle, it still does not compare well with other Imani Tech cars that offer much more.

Enus Deity can only reach a top speed of 117.50 mph (189.10 km/h) and cost $1,845,000. However, the main issue is the understeering that sometimes makes the ride unenjoyable even after all the customizations. While it certainly is not the worst car on the list, there are still better options, so players should avoid Deity and look at them.

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Edited by Ritoban "Veloxi" Paul
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