Comparing all Pfister Comet models in GTA Online

GTA Online has many cars and Comets are among the best (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online has many cars and Comets are among the best (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA Online features about 700 operational vehicles. Most of these are cars that are classified as super, sports, muscle, suv, compact, and more. Most cars in the game are renditions of real-life ones. The names are generally made in a way to poke fun. The models, however, are quite similar. The car community in the game loves this fact and collectors keep trying to get the best ones.

Speaking of real-life cars, the Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic ones. Over the years there have been many models introduced. In GTA Online, the Pfister represents Porsche and Comet represents the 911. Like in the real-world, the game features multiple models as well. This article attempts to list them all down.

A look at all 6 Pfister Comet models that are a part of GTA Online

1) Comet Safari

  • Price: $710K
  • Top-speed: 193.12 kmph (120 mph)
  • Lap-time: 1:07.455

The Doomsday Heist DLC in 2017 brought along a new Comet, the Safari. It is probably the most unique one out of all of them. This rally-esque Comet is based on the Leh Keen 'Safari' 911. The Leh Keen 'Safari' 911 is a modified version of the 1978-89 911. However, the in-game car also picks up a few cues from Porsche 953.

This is categorized a custom off-road vehicle in the game and it carries out that job perfectly. It is right up there with the likes of the Omnis and Tropos Rallye. Being a rally-spec car, this one is highly customizable as well.

2) Comet S2 Cabrio

  • Price: $1.79 million
  • Top-speed: 207.6 kmph (129 mph)
  • Lap-time: 1:04.765

The S2 Cabrio is the latest Comet to have made it into GTA Online. It was introduced via the Contract DLC. It is a two-door spyder sports car based on the real-life Porsche 911 Cabriolet (992).

This modernized version is quite similar to the S2 that has a hardtop. This one, however, sports a retractable roof which can be switched on and off.

3) Comet S2

  • Price: $1.8-$1.4 million
  • Top-speed: 197.95 kmph (123 mph)
  • Lap-time: 1:05.365

The Comet S2 was a part of the Los Santos Tuners DLC. The Car Community in GTA Online loves this update the most and it is due to the great cars that were brought in along with it. This is a sports car in the game and is based on the Porsche 911 (992) from real-life.

Overall, this is a great car which does everything quite well. It is fast, powerful, and nimble at the same time. It is great at cornering at high speeds and rarely fishtails out. It seems quite planted at all times.

The only issue the vehicle faces is while making simultaneous quick turns. Due to the rear engine-rear wheel drive setup, the quick momentum shift causes loss of traction. As is common with all Comets, this one gets a whole host of customizable aspects as well.

4) Comet SR

  • Price: $1.14 million
  • Top-speed: 196.34 kmph (122 mph)
  • Lap-time: 1:01.962

The Doomsday Heist also added the Pfister Comet SR to GTA Online. This is supposed to be a racing variant of the regular Comet. It is aptly based on the Porsche 997 GT2 RS and is a two-door sports car in the game.

At first glance, gamers will hardly be able to tell it apart from the regular Comet. On closer inspection, however, the car stands out quite a bit.

The car has an advanced aerodynamic design which lets it perform better. It also sports wider tires which increase traction. Being a race-spec car, this comes equipped with many carbon fiber parts, racing seats, and a roll-cage.

5) Comet Retro Custom

  • Price: $645K conversion cost at Benny's
  • Top-speed: 195.13 kmph (121.25 mph)
  • Lap-time: 1:05.366

The Comet Retro Custom was added to GTA Online via the Import/Export update. It is a custom sports car in the game and not a sports classic as many newbies make it out to be.

The car is a regular Comet which has been upgraded and converted at Benny's. The Retro Custom is based on the Ruf Turbo R. The Ruf Turbo R is a modied version of the Porsche 911 Turbo (993). Major styling cues have also been taken from the 911s from the 1980s, hence the Retro name.

Sadly, the conversion makes the car weaker in terms of performance. However, there are many cosmetic upgrades to choose from. This isn't a car that's built for racing, but it's one that's meant for collectors and car meets. It is fun to drive around but it doesn't handle all that well.

6) Comet

  • Price: $100K
  • Top-speed: 192.32 kmph (119.5 mph)
  • Lap-time: 1:05.130

This is the OG Pfister Comet in GTA Online. The car is pretty present throughout the Grand Theft Auto Series. It has been featured in games like Vice City, San Andreas, Four, Chinatown Wars, and more. The car made its way into the HD universe with GTA 4. In GTA 5, it is based on the very popular model, Porsche 996 GT2.

It is the cheapest Comet there is and everyone should own one. The fact that it can be turned into a Retro Custom is amazing as well. However, this car is not built for racing.

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