GTA 6 will grace the return of GTA San Andreas sports activity: Rumor

GTA 6 is rumored to have a returned mini-game feature from San Andreas (Images via Rockstar Games, GTA Wiki)
GTA 6 is rumored to have a returned mini-game feature from San Andreas (Images via Rockstar Games || GTA Wiki)

Rockstar Games may bring back some sports activities from GTA San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: 6. A mysterious Redditor named u/Well_Look_Whos_Back (now deleted) predicted several things before Rockstar Games released the first official trailer for the upcoming game. One of them includes a 3v3 Basketball game. It is worth noting that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the only game that allows gamers to play basketball.

The Redditor also leaked many other intriguing details while active on the site. Although anyone can get away with making random claims about the upcoming game, the community believed them because of their uncanny username resemblance with an in-game character (the Dual Hammer Karen).

Mysterious Redditor leaks many details about GTA 6, including basketball from San Andreas

According to a Reddit thread by u/AnaxesR7 on the r/GTA6 subreddit, the mysterious Grand Theft Auto 6 leaker disclosed many things that were later discovered in the first official trailer by Rockstar Games. Some of the details they mentioned are as follows:

  • Dual wielding of weapons.
  • Gore and dismemberment.
  • Vice City will have orange, purple, and pinkish sunsets.
  • Basketball 3v3.
  • Stealing NPC cars will be difficult.
  • The leaked maps are far from the official version, and it is hard to predict before the game’s official release.
  • The leaked gameplay is based on an old build, and the final product will be much better.

As of now, details about the basketball gameplay are still a mystery. According to Redditor u/Well_Look_Whos_Back, it will be a 3v3 game. The GTA San Andreas gameplay only allowed Carl “CJ” Johnson to play alone on the court. The upcoming game is rumored to have only two protagonists, so the 3v3 aspect is still unclear.


If the leak is true, Rockstar Games could allow players to play basketball in the multiplayer version with up to six players. However, the information should be taken with a grain of salt as the studio has yet to reveal the gameplay officially.

Nonetheless, fans are excited to see how Rockstar Games executes other things, such as gore, the official map of GTA 6, and the weapon mechanism.

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