Top 10 fastest cars in GTA Online after the Criminal Enterprises summer update DLC

The fastest cars in GTA Online right now (Images via Rockstar Games)
The fastest cars in GTA Online right now (Images via Rockstar Games)
Rajarshi Acharya

The Criminal Enterprises is the latest update for GTA Online, and as expected, it has brought in a nice selection of new cars. However, not all the cars have been released yet, as quite a few will arrive later via the drip-feed system.

Nevertheless, a new update will naturally require GTA Online players to reevaluate all in-game cars and create new lists based on speed, price, and other categories. This particular article focuses specifically on top speed and ranks the 10 fastest cars currently available in GTA Online.

The list only considers regular cars and those that allow HSW modifications, and not those with boosters. The top 10 fastest cars, as it turns out, are all customizable at Hao's workshop.

The fastest cars in GTA Online right now, ranked according to top speed

10) Pfister Astron Custom - 137 mph

  • Price — $1,720,000
  • HSW upgrade — $395,000
  • Class — SUV
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 119.25 mph

SUVs aren't usually known for their speed, but there are several SUVs in GTA Online that are quite fast, and the Astron Custom is one of them. It is one of the fastest SUVs in GTA Online even without any HSW upgrades. Additionally, once it is upgraded, it easily overtakes all other cars in its class.

9) Übermacht Sentinel XS - 137.75 mph

  • Price — $60,000
  • HSW upgrade — $1,305,300
  • Class — Coupe
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 117.25 mph

The Sentinel XS is a pretty regular 4-door sedan that doesn't stand out much in GTA Online. However, it has an acceptable top speed and is fun to drive due to its exceptional handling.

When upgraded with HSW modifications, it becomes one of the fastest vehicles in GTA Online. Additionally, it offers a wide range of customization options so that players can redesign it exactly how they want.

8) Coil Cyclone II - 141 mph

  • Price — $2,250,000
  • HSW upgrade — $475,000
  • Class — Super
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 119.25 mph

The Cyclone II is an improved version of the Cyclone — an electric supercar. As expected from an electric vehicle, the acceleration of Cyclone II is unparalleled. It also boasts an AWD drivetrain, and the HSW upgrade makes it a formidable racecar.

7) Imponte Arbiter GT - 141.25 mph

  • Price — $1,580,000
  • HSW upgrade — $375,000
  • Class — Muscle
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 112.75 mph

The only muscle car that can be upgraded at Hao's is the Arbiter GT. As expected of a muscle car, it accelerates incredibly quickly.

On the flip side, it also exhibits the typical drawbacks of a muscle car, such as bad handling. However, its high speed and exceptional acceleration make it a beast in straight-line races.

6) Pegassi Weaponized Ignus - 146.25 mph

  • Price — $3,245,000
  • HSW upgrade — $500,000
  • Class — Super
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 124.75 mph

The Weaponized Ignus is nearly identical to the regular Ignus in terms of performance and has the added benefit of weaponization. The car can be installed with a Missile Lock-on Jammer, courtesy of Imani-tech, and it comes preinstalled with a remote minigun turret.

Whether it's the design, the handling, the top speed, or the acceleration, the Weaponized Ignus has everything a sports car enthusiast could desire. The weaponization serves as the icing on the cake.

5) Grotti Turismo Classic - 150.5 mph

  • Price — $705,000
  • HSW upgrade — $897,000
  • Class — Sports Classic
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 120.75 mph

The Turismo Classic is a beautiful ride that is based on multiple Ferrari models, particularly the F40 and Testarossa. It also performs quite well, with acceptable speed and acceleration, exceptional handling, and a good steering response.

The HSW upgrade on the car is definitely worth it, as upgrading it makes it capable of racing against the more modern Sports cars.

4) Principe Deveste Eight - 151.75 mph

  • Price — $1,795,000
  • HSW upgrade — $1,110,000
  • Class — Sports Classic
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 131.75 mph

The Deveste Eight in GTA Online is a unique-looking hypercar, first introduced in GTA Online in 2019. It is already quite fast without HSW upgrades but will lose out to cars with better handling.

However, with Hao's modifications, it can beat those cars as well, simply with its ridiculously high top-speed. The Deveste Eight is nearly impossible to outrun in straights, but its weakness catches up to it in the corners.

3) Bravado Banshee - 153 mph

  • Price — FREE/$105,000
  • HSW upgrade — $1,840,000
  • Class — Sports
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 117.75 mph

The Banshee is often regarded as the mascot of the GTA franchise when it comes to vehicles. It has been present in almost every game, and it is also one of the best cars in all of them. Hence, it was only appropriate for this legendary car to get access to HSW upgrades.

A fully upgraded Banshee is ridiculously fast, and it also handles exceptionally well. It can outrun most other vehicles in GTA Online, although its biggest weakness is off-roading.

2) Karin S95 - 155.5 mph

  • Price — FREE/$1,995,000
  • HSW upgrade — $525,000
  • Class — Sports
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 115.5 mph

Up until the new summer update, the Karin S95 was the reigning champ in terms of top speed in GTA Online. For good reason, it is still regarded as one of the best vehicles in the game.

For starters, since it is a modern tuner, the handling is excellent, though not quite as good as the actual Tuner cars in GTA Online. There are numerous customization options available for this ride, and if obtained for free, it's unquestionably a better choice than the Stirling GT.

1) Benefactor Stirling GT - 156.8 mph

  • Price — $975,000
  • HSW upgrade — $900,000
  • Class — Sports Classic
  • Top Speed (non-HSW) — 112.00 mph

The Stirling GT is based on the iconic Mercedes Benz 300 SLR sports car. The vehicle has good acceleration and a respectable top speed, despite being one of the slower sports classics without HSW upgrades. It handles quite well, has a ton of grip, and behaves less like a Sports Classic and more like a Sports car. The Stirling GT also exhibits exceptional impact resistance.

With The Criminal Enterprises update, it is currently the fastest car in GTA Online when fully upgraded at Hao's auto shop. Another big advantage, which is most likely a temporary glitch that won't last long, is that the car is completely bulletproof. The occupants cannot be shot through the windows and doors anymore, making it ideal for completing missions in the game.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions.

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