Top 5 most exploited glitches in GTA Online history

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

Every video game has glitches. Ones that are exploited in GTA Online often captivate the interest of fans of the series.

There are many reasons why players exploit glitches in video games. In GTA Online, players want to have money and other objects, so exploiting glitches to gain a near-infinite amount is terrific. If the players don't exploit these glitches, they're forced to either grind for a long time or buy shark cards (an unpopular and greedy system) in GTA Online.

Others exploit glitches for fun, with no real purpose on their mind. Some glitches are exploited more than others. But logically, glitches that last longer tend to be exploited more often.

Five of the most exploited glitches in GTA Online history

#5 - No Cops

Image via Screen Rant
Image via Screen Rant

Cops are often a mood-killer in GTA games. GTA Online is no exception to this rule. Players hate dealing with NPCs that spawn infinitely. The methods for lowering a player's wanted level aren't fun. They're especially boring to deal with when they follow a player everywhere for a minor crime in GTA Online.

There are a few variations of this glitch. But the more interesting one, worth discussing, is where the player goes off the radar. This shields from cops and other players, giving a player off the radar incredible freewill.

The video below shows how a player could exploit this glitch. It's fairly complicated to perform, so it's better to see it in action than reading about one. If done correctly, the player should get exactly what they want. Another bonus is that Rockstar Games rarely bans or punishes players that exploit this glitch.

#4 - Apartment/Garage Glitch

Image via 2KisoBOI 1 (YouTube)
Image via 2KisoBOI 1 (YouTube)

Unit 124 Popular St and Unit 1 Olympic Fwy are properties plenty of GTA Online players remember. In mid-2020, there was an Apartment/Garage glitch where a player could buy Unit 124 Popular St by walking up to the sign (an essential part of the glitch) in slot six and do the same for Unit 1 Olympic Fwy in slot seven.

Slots six and seven were essential for this glitch to work. The player would then have to pause the game, go to the "Creator" section, do an invite-only session, then use a phone to go to the Dynasty 8 Real Estate site and buy the least expensive properties in the aforementioned slots six and seven.

It doesn't sound obvious. But a player was able to earn roughly $2,575,000 every three minutes. Players found to exploit this had their characters reset back to square one (at least it wasn't a permanent ban). A variation of this glitch can be seen below.

#3 - MTU Setting (Empty Public Lobby)

Image via SimpleTelly
Image via SimpleTelly

MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. There is an exploit still available in GTA Online that allows a player to set their MTU to about 800, which allows the player to be in an empty public lobby most of the time. This exploit's main advantage is that it allows players to play by themselves but not be limited to usual private lobby shenanigans.

More specifically, it allows players to do certain missions about businesses safely and without fear of another player messing it up. Naturally, other players abusing this exploit may end up together, so they would have to alter the MTU until they're alone.

It's easy to change the MTU on consoles and PC. Most players should be able to do this. As this "glitch" can still be exploited today, it's worth trying if a player wants to be in a public lobby by themselves. An example of this exploit can be found below.

#2 - God Mode

Image via Latin Times
Image via Latin Times

Unsurprisingly, the ability to be completely immune to all forms of damage 100% is something players love to exploit in GTA Online. Glitches related to God Mode vary from time-to-time. Unsurprisingly, most of them end up being patched out quickly. There are several examples of God Mode in GTA Online. For the sake of simplicity, all of them will be lumped together in this article.

New patches often introduce new methods for unlocking God Mode. For example, the Diamond Casino & Resort update introduced a variation where a player can use a phone in the penthouse lobby as they enter a custom mission. Rockstar Games often patch stuff like this out in GTA Online. But players don't get banned or punished for exploiting God Mode. The punishment is swift for money-related exploits.

Some God Mode glitches only provide immunity to some forms of damage, so they aren't entirely unkillable. However, some glitches that a player can exploit do provide 100% God Mode. An example of one (of many) God Mode exploits can be found below.

#1 - Playing Modded Jobs

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

A player doesn't need experience in modding to play modded jobs. These types of exploits are prevalent for two reasons. First, they're effortless to do (AFK modded missions are a prime example). Second, the player doesn't have to do anything crazy to perform them (meaning they almost always work throughout the various patches of GTA Online).

Although it isn't defined as a glitch per se, players can still exploit this to benefit GTA Online. As a result, they can acquire a ton of money and RP for virtually no effort. All they have to do is find a playlist of these modded missions and play them. It's that easy. New missions are often introduced, so a player has to look around to exploit it in GTA Online.

A huge benefit of this "glitch" is that people dislike the missions so that Rockstar Games won't see it as easily. If it's heavily disliked, it means that Rockstar Games won't notice it quickly. If a player finds one they enjoy, they should also dislike it to keep it hidden. An example of a modded mission is found in the video above. The user also has other great exploits for GTA Online on the channel.

Edited by Srijan Sen

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