Deontay Wilder's Memes

Last Modified Jun 18, 2021 11:54 GMT

Deontay Wilder is a big name in boxing. He’s won 41 of his 42 fights in the ring, each one by knockout. He’s defended his WBC title 10 times. As of today, he’s probably the second best heavyweight fighter in the world. And thanks to that one loss in his career, he’s become one of the boxing world’s biggest memes.

Wilder was undoubtedly the best heavyweight boxer until early 2020. With a perfect record, all wins by knockout and a world title, he was the top dog in heavyweight boxing. However, on February 22nd 2020, he fought Tyson Fury to defend his title for the 11th time. The fight was billed “unfinished business” and was the second time the two had fought. It also marked Wilder’s first loss, and the loss of his title.

Tyson Fury won in the 7th round by TKO after demolishing the Bronze bomber. However, what captivated the fans was the sheer number of iconic moments in this fight that ended up becoming memes. In an attempt to get into Fury’s head, Wilder wore a costume that was apparently very heavy.

According to Wilder, this caused him to tire before the fight, and he blames the loss on it. During the fight, a picture of Wilder’s busted lip, and Fury licking blood off his shoulder was another iconic find.

Here are the Funniest Memes of Deontay Wilder

He out here looking like spongebobs dad

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WTF Ref lemme at him

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Ngl the costume was dope

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He beat up a rat too

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Twitter really got no chill

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Saving Private Wilder


Ah yes, the Taco Bell “Morning After”


Seriously though, the internet got no chill.

However it looks like Wilder hasn’t let it get to him. He’s still an elite boxer competing at the highest levels of the sport, and though age may slow him down, his mental strength appears to be as strong as ever.