How to defeat Victor and Shadowbeak in Palworld PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower

Victor and Shadowbreak as seen in Palworld (Screenshot via Sportskeeda)
Victor and Shadowbreak as seen in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair, Inc./Sportskeeda)

Victor and Shadowbeak are the current final bosses of Palworld as of the early access release. As such, you may want to head right for what is supposedly the game's toughest challenge after spending seemingly endless hours grinding resources and levels. Understandably, you may face difficulties with this fight.

With Palworld bridging the gap between RPG fans and Survival game fans, there are bound to be some players in the transition who are not used to having such high-action strategic fights in their Survival game. Thankfully, a few mechanics in this game can help make this fight much easier, so here are some things you should know.

Tips and tricks for Palworld's Victor and Shadowbeak boss fight: where to find, Pals to use, and more

Where to find Victor

Victor as seen in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair, Inc./Sportskeeda)
Victor as seen in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair, Inc./Sportskeeda)

Victor can be found in the northmost region of the map in the Astral Mountains. Like some other Towers in Palworld, Victor's tower can be found among a cluster of black prisms. You can easily pinpoint his location by finding the black prisms in the Astral Mountains and heading for the peak. The tower is near the very top.

How to counter Victor and Shadowbeak

Victor's Pal, Shadowbeak, is a pure Dark-type, so it's weak to Dragon attacks. Dragon Pals also take less damage from its Dark attacks. With Victor being Palworld's final boss, players should have a wide array of different Dragons to choose from. Here are some of the best:

  • Quivern
  • Jormuntide
  • Azurobe

These Pals are raid bosses, so you should have no trouble finding these choices if they want to use them as long as you have your map decently filled.

Having a Felbat also helps greatly for this fight as its Partner Skill grants you lifesteal on all your attacks as long as it is active. This can make a huge difference for players who want to poke Victor down using automatic rifles. Felbat can be found in various mid-game grotto raids in the Bamboo Grove.

Equipment to use against Victor and Shadowbeak

Victor as seen in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair, Inc./Sportskeeda)
Victor as seen in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair, Inc./Sportskeeda)

It is recommended that your character is at the maximum level of 50 before fighting Victor and Shadowbeak. This is because one of the most crucial pieces of equipment is the Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor. It will not only help you reach Victor's tower without weather issues but also provide the game's best defense.

Having high-tier weapons like the Rocket Launcher and the Assault Rifle is also recommended. If you plan on using both, try using the Rocket Launcher when riding Quivern, as doing so turns your damage into Dragon-type damage, multiplying your DPS. Using the Assault Rifle is best when using Felbat, as pairing its Partner Skill with the consistent damage output of the Assault Rifle will help sustain you during the battle.

Of course, it always helps to bring in friends as well. While Pals can do a decent job at drawing aggression away from you in these high-intensity fights, your friends will do a much better job at grabbing Victor's attention. More players also means more guns, leading to higher damage.

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