2021 NFL Draft Prospect: North Dakota State QB Trey Lance

North Dakota State QB Trey Lance
North Dakota State QB Trey Lance

Trey Lance answered a lot of questions NFL franchises asked about the former North Dakota State Bison quarterback.

Lance is one of three quarterbacks who is rumored to be selected by the 49ers with the third overall pick. With 30 days left till the 2021 NFL Draft, all eyes are on Trey Lance, Mac Jones and Justin Fields.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Trey Lance

-- Height: 6' 4".

-- Weight: 226 pounds.

-- Position: Quarterback.

-- College: North Dakota State.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Trey Lance's Strengths

North Dakota State QB Trey Lance
North Dakota State QB Trey Lance

One of the biggest strengths of Trey Lance, as mentioned in his scouting report, is his physical attributes.

Not to mention NFL scouts believe that he has a tremendously high ceiling. Lance showed at North Dakota State that he could step in and command an offense.

Trey Lance is another quarterback in this NFL Draft class who has a gunslinger mentality and likes to get the ball out of his hands quickly to his wide receivers. He throws a very catchable ball. When throwing the long ball, he puts just enough air underneath the football for it to land perfectly in the receiver's hands.

Like Justin Fields, Trey Lance does not lose strength on his passes while scrambling out of the pocket. He's also a threat to take off and gain significant yards down the field with his legs. At NDSU, Lance easily escaped past rushers and either found the check down or took off and gained yards.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Trey Lance's Weaknesses

North Dakota State QB Trey Lance
North Dakota State QB Trey Lance

One of the biggest knocks on Trey Lance is his inexperience as a starting quarterback.

Almost all the NFL draft analysts have him going to a team that would bench him for a year before starting. They also feel that Trey Lance locks into his primary read and doesn't move off that target.

Once the first read is covered, Trey Lance has shown that he can take off running instead of showing patience to let the other reads develop.

One of his strengths is also a weakness for Trey Lance coming into the NFL. His ability to fit the ball into tight spaces may work in college, but it's something he'll need to work on in the NFL.

His field vision needs work, as he tends to lock in on his primary target. At times, it looks like he decides to pre-snap where he will throw the football and never gives his second option a chance. All his weaknesses, though, can improve with experience and repetitions.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Trey Lance's Career at North Dakota State


Trey Lance's career at North Dakota State is one full of accomplishments. Lance hasn't thrown a single interception in his college career for NDSU. In his only season as a starting quarterback, Trey Lance led North Dakota State to a national championship victory over James Madison in 2019.

During the 2019 college football season, Trey Lance brought home a lot of hardware for his play on the football field. Lance won the 2019 FCS Walter Payton Award, FCS Jerry Rice Award, the CFPA FCS National Performer of the Year, FCS ADA Offensive Player of the Year and the 2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship Game Most Outstanding Player.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Trey Lance's Career Passing Stats

-- Completions: 193.

-- Attempts: 288.

-- Completion Percentage: 67.

-- Passing Yards: 2,798.

-- Passing Touchdowns: 28.

-- Interceptions: 0

2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Trey Lance's Career Rushing Stats

-- Rushing Attempts: 177.

-- Rushing Yards: 1,182.

-- Rushing Touchdowns: 16.

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