Deshaun Watson throws horrible pick vs. Texans, NFL fans rejoice on social media

The quarterback threw an interception in the end zone
The quarterback threw an interception in the end zone

Deshaun Watson is making his first start in almost two years today for the Cleveland Browns. Following a 11-game suspension, he returned to face his former team, the Houston Texans.

On an early drive, he showed some rust and threw a stunningly bad interception into the end zone.


With his team trailing by three against the Texans (who are probably getting the number one pick), Watson drove the Browns down near the red zone before throwing a tailor-made interception.

Not only was his receiver not exactly open, he threw it right to a defender who wasn't in direct coverage of his target.

Deshaun Watson throws an INT in his first game with the #Browns, comes in the redzone.He's currently only 4 of 8 passing with an INT.

It was an avoidable mistake and it cost his team points in a game they'd certainly like to win. Clearly, not playing for over a full season has taken its toll on the controversial quarterback.

Fan reactions to Deshaun Watson's interception

NFL fans were happy to see the quarterback fail and let social media know. Many ofthem don't like the quarterback or don't believe he should be playing after the alleged sexual misconduct he was accused of.

@NFL_DovKleiman “makes his first big mistake” we sure about that?
@NFL_DovKleiman We are all Texans fans today.
@NFL_DovKleiman Couldnt happen to a nicer guy
@NFL_DovKleiman Jacoby better on and off the field
@NFL_DovKleiman He got lit up too 😁
@NFL_DovKleiman Yea I felt like they have a better chance with Jacoby
@NFL_DovKleiman @sf_gamerbabe118 Thought he was still on Texans and had a TD

It's easy for many fans to root against the quarterback. Despite not being indicted by a grand jury, many fans feel he sexually assaulted over 20 women and that there's no way he should be playing.

Even some Browns fans are upset with their team and don't want to see Watson do well. He is that enigmatic and controversial a player.

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans

Today's game, which is a revenge game for the quarterback and potentially the last shot to stay in the playoff race, is a big one. Many fans are happy to see the Browns floundering thus far.


The Browns' star, as a whole, is just four of eight for 57 yards and the interception midway through the second quarter. The Browns trail 5-0 at the time of writing.

With Cleveland needing a win to stay in the playoff race, we will see if Watson can lead them to victory.

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