Fact-check: Was Deshaun Watson dating Mia Khalifa? Truth behind the rumored relationship explored

SOURCE: Deshaun Watson and Mia Khalifa via Marca
Deshaun Watson and Mia Khalifa dating rumors were hot in 2017

Deshaun Watson and Mia Khalifa have two very different career paths, but one thing's for sure, they do know how to garner attention. Deshaun Watson was the wunderkind quarterback drafted by the Houston Texans in 2017 following his College Football National Championship victory in 2016. He was brought in to make the Texans a winner, and he did just that. His Texans career might not have ended on the best terms, but the franchise cannot fault his star power during his early years in Houston.

Meanwhile, Mia Khalifa has been one of the most popular adult stars of the past decade, though she has since left that career in her rearview mirror. She is currently a social media personality and occasional talk show host, and she pursues interests that are dear to her.

So, it begs the question, how were Deshaun Watson and Mia Khalifa linked? Were they ever together?

Truth behind Deshaun Watson and Mia Khalifa relationship rumors

Deshaun Watson was drafted by the Houston Texans in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft and made a blockbuster move to the Cleveland Browns last year. Interestingly, he was followed on social media by then-adult movie superstar Mia Khalifa. Hence, it came as a surprise to fans of both public figures to see both of them exchange pleasantries on social media.

In October 2017, Khalifa shared a Twitter video with Watson's birthday wishes. The footage shows the duo playing indoor basketball at Watson's house while Watson prevented her from making a dunk. Their video quickly gained attention on the internet, but the actress promptly denied all the rumors about them.

Later, in an exclusive interview with TMZ, she elaborated on herself and why Watson was seen playing basketball at her place. She added that they are good friends living in the neighborhood. They decided to meet to have a home-cooked meal together at her residence.

Fans were quick enough to speak in favor of Watson, showing him the support he needed. It's been over five years since the video was shared, and we have not seen any other videos or pictures of the two celebrities together.

Deshaun Watson and Mia Khalifa did not date each other. They aren't as close as they were back then, or maybe they're more focused on making the most of their differing career paths. In terms of romantic relationships, at the moment, Watson is dating Jilly Anais, while Khalifa's current partner is unknown to the general public.

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