How much do NFL players make during training camp? Breaking down rookie and veteran salary structure in 2024

Las Vegas Raiders Hold Joint Practices With New England Patriots
Las Vegas Raiders Hold Joint Practices With New England Patriots

Players must saddle up for training camp, as the NFL is still about three months away. After a long summer, the two-week event gives players, as well as coaches, an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the squad and ease into playing time.

Beginning on the first day of training camp and concluding one week before the start of the regular season, NFL players get paid during preseason camp.

How much do NFL players make during training camp?

Players are paid on a "per diem" basis each day of preseason camp under the terms of the current CBA. These payouts fluctuate based on how long the player has been with the team. Rookies normally make roughly $850 per week in per diem compensation.

Seasoned players, however, receive more. Their weekly wage of around $1,600 is almost twice as much as their rookie teammates. Players with more than one season of experience are considered senior players. Similarly, "per diem" wages are given to these players from the first day of training camp till one week before the regular season.

A player's income may also come from endorsements or performances at functions held prior to the start of the regular season. As part of their contracts with their teams, some of the best professional players participate in preseason games.

The teams also pay for all contracted players' appropriate travel expenses. Players who aren't from the region where NFL training camp is held, are also given lodging and meals by the teams.

Players who miss training camp or the regular season will not be paid during those times because they are not with the squad.

What’s the implication of training camps and preseasons in the NFL?

Professional football players can ease themselves into the intensity of the game throughout the months of July and August without needing to play at full speed for a minimum of a few weeks. Although the acclimatization process is intense, it is nevertheless beneficial.

Training camp offers players the chance to become familiar with the structure and develop relationships with teammates, especially those with whom they may need to communicate effectively. This is particularly true for players just getting accustomed to an unfamiliar structure or squad.

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