"Inhumane, abusive, unlawful" - Antonio Brown's lawyer takes to Twitter to sound his frustration

Antonio Brown at Memphis Grizzlies v Brooklyn Nets
Antonio Brown at Memphis Grizzlies v Brooklyn Nets
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Antonio Brown's whirlwind days show no signs of abating. In the week during which he took off his playing gear and left the field midgame against the New York Jets, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers also cut him.

Antonio Brown took off his jersey mid-game and left the fieldHC Bruce Arians said AB is no longer a Buc(📹 mmmmillah/twt)

When Bruce Arians told the world after the match that he was "no longer a Buc," the understanding was that Antonio Brown had been cut due to not fulfilling his duties as part of the organization by refusing to play in a match where he was asked to play.

Now, Brown's lawyer has claimed that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers used a convoluted medical reason to terminate his contract, saying,

"The Bucs did this because they know that Coach Arians’ on-the-field termination of AB was degrading, inhumane, abusive, and unlawful."

Antonio Brown allegedly cut due to refusing medical appointment

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

According to the claims by Sean Burstyn, who is representing Brown, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut his client, giving the official reason as a missed medical appointment.

According to Burstyn, Antonio Brown's team was in the middle of rescheduling a medical appointment with a surgeon of the Buccaneers' choice when he found out, via Twitter, that he had been cut.

Apparently, despite Bruce Arians' claim in the media that Antonio Brown was no longer part of the Buccaneers, the organization tried to foist a medical appointment on Wednesday without giving a sufficient timeframe, then scheduled one at an early hour on Thursday, that was outside business office hours.

Brown's team allegedly reached out to the doctor prescribed and asked him if he had seen his recent MRI and CT scans and if they could reschedule at a normal hour. Apparently, the doctor agreed to it, and Brown's team texted the Buccaneers with that information.

As it was being rescheduled, as per Brown's lawyer's claim, the Buccaneers took the step of cutting him for refusing to show up at the doctor's appointment. That was misleading, according to him, since Brown was perfectly willing to show up at a later time during the day and had the affirmative from the doctor.

Brown's lawyer claimed that the Buccaneers framed the ruse because they could not legally justify the alleged behavior of Bruce Arians on the sidelines, where he asked Antonio Brown to play, despite an injury. Burstyn justified the full scope of the purported maltreatment as "degrading, inhumane, abusive, and unlawful."

The Bucs did this because they know that Coach Arians’ on-the-field termination of AB was degrading, inhumane, abusive, and unlawful. So they tried covering it up using their latest dirty trick: “Surprise attack” medical care that they reasonably planned for AB to receive. 6/8

If indeed the above claims are true, they point to a disturbing pattern of behavior by the Buccaneers. At the moment, though, we only have one man's claim against the other, and it is becoming clear by the posture taken by both parties that this latest Antonio Brown saga has a long way to go before it is over.

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