What did Jerry Jones say about Ex-Raider HC Jon Gruden following his resignation?

Dallas Cowboys football team owner Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys football team owner Jerry Jones
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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has always been outspoken about the issues surrounding the NFL.

On Tuesday, the veteran was asked about the Jon Gruden situation during his weekly appearance on the 105.3 The Fan Dallas radio show. While Jones is usually quite opinionated, he was rather coy about what he said or didn't say rather, which had many assuming that there was more to the Jon Gruden story.

Jon Gruden's career is over.

What does Jerry Jones think of Jon Gruden's resignation?

When asked about the Gruden situation, Jerry Jones replied:

“I know these people, I know everybody that you’ve been reading about. They’re outstanding proponents of our game. They have represented this game in many cases beautifully. And certainly, we will continue to recognize what a spotlight you’re in and the way that we should express ourselves. All of that comes to my mind.”

Jones clearly understands that the type of language Jon Gruden used was inappropriate. But he didn't say it out loud.

Jerry Jones on Jon Gruden resigning: "I know everybody you've been reading about. They're outstanding proponents of our game. We all continue to recognize what a spotlight you're in and the way we should express ourselves."Jones declined to say if Gruden should've lost his job.

Jerry Jones was then asked if he felt that Jon Gruden should have resigned or lost his job at all. Jones said he didn't want to comment on that question. But he did say that everyone should be held accountable for their actions. He also said that the people mentioned in Jon Gruden's emails are all great people:

“I don’t have anything I want to express there, one way or the other. From the standpoint of contribution, I know that we are all accountable to even a, if you will, a fleeting or minor part of our actions. We are all accountable to those. But that’s about all I want to comment on it. We are talking about people here and even the ones that some of the comments were directed about. Those have been outstanding people in the NFL.”

Jerry Jones didn't want to say anything that could get him in hot water regarding this topic. But many on social media pondered whether Jerry Jones was coy because he worried that his name would also pop up in the controversy surrounding Gruden.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reacts to Jon Gruden resigning from Raiders for insensitive emails

Jones is likely just taking the "high road," so to speak, and keeping his real thoughts to himself, which would keep him out of the headlines. Jones' Dallas Cowboys are off to a great start this season and he was seemingly content talking about his team's on-field performance rather than Gruden's off-field mishap.

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