LeBron James to the Dallas Cowboys? Lakers superstar reveals Jerry Jones' contract offer

Los Angeles Lakers SF Lebron James
Los Angeles Lakers SF Lebron James
LeRon Haire

LeBron James is one of the most universally known celebrities of our time. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is a small forward but has the athletic ability to play all five NBA positions, including point guard and center.

But can you imagine the 6'8", 250-pound LeBron James playing safety, tight end, receiver, or some other position in the NFL? Well, to the surprise of many, this could have possibly been a reality some 10 years ago.

LeBron James visits with Peyton and Eli

On last night's alternate Monday Night Football telecast with Peyton and Eli Manning, one of their guests was none other than LeBron James. During the telecast, James informed the Mannings that he was offered not one but two contracts to play for two different teams in the NFL.

There was an NBA lockout during the 2011 season and there were rumblings that the season would be called off. It was during this time that LeBron stated Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones offered him a contract to play for his franchise. He also stated that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll offered him a contract to play for the Seahawks as well.

"I still got the jersey too, that Jerry [Jones] and Pete Carroll sent me from 2011."Imagine LeBron on the Cowboys or Seahawks 😳 @KingJames
"Jerry Jones offered me a contract and actually Pete Carroll in Seattle did as well during our lockout time. Definitely got my blood flowing again, got my mind racing again about the game of football. We was able to get a deal done in the NBA and I was back on the court in no time, but I definitely thought about it."

LeBron also confirmed that Jerry Jones and Pete Carroll were so serious that they even sent him a team jersey from the Cowboys and Seahawks, respectively.

A looming question for LeBron James fans is what position he would have played in the NFL. And just because he is an NBA icon, does that mean it would translate into him being a viable member on an NFL team?

LeBron's no stranger to the gridiron

LeBron James is from the state of Ohio, traditionally known as a football powerhouse for top players and coaches. While in high school playing for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, he played wide receiver.

In his sophomore season, LeBron caught 42 passes for 752 yards and 11 touchdowns, which were enough to earn him all-state honors.

Love this sport so much!!! 🏈❤️👑…

Holding all-state honors on a high school football team in the state of Ohio is nothing to sneeze at. With so much talent in the state, only the best make it that far.

It's safe to say that with LeBron having experience at the wide receiver position and being 6'8" with the quickness of a cat, he could have suited up on Sundays on the gridiron instead of the hardwood.

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