Madden 22 ratings: 5 NFL members of the 99 club

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers

This year's Madden 99 club is now official, with five players getting the best possible rating. Not only are they superstars in the league, but factors such as their age, sustained dominance, and awards have all conspired to lead them to the 99 club in Madden this year.

Madden's NFL ratings always bring a lot of discussion and outrage from the fans, but it's tough to argue against any of the players who've made the cut this year. No position has more than one player rated 99.

Madden 22's cream of the crop

#1 - Patrick Mahomes, QB

Mahomes is the most obvious name on this list, as he's featured on the Madden cover and one of the NFL's most dominant players. His three-year stretch as a starter for Kansas City has seen the Chiefs reach at least the AFC Championship Game every year, playing in the Super Bowl the last two seasons and winning a ring.

Mahomes can do basically anything on a football field, ranging from deep bombs to no-look passes to throwing accurately across the body. He's already one of the most talented quarterbacks the league has ever seen and the sky's the limit for his career. For Madden's ratings, however, the limit is 99, and that's his rating for the 22 edition.

#2 - Travis Kelce, TE

Just as important as Mahomes is to command the offense, the way Travis Kelce dominates the middle of the field comes a close second. He's nearly perfect at receiving passes or blocking. When Mahomes is outside the pocket scanning the field to throw to someone, you can be sure Travis Kelce will be free somewhere.

Kelce is fast, strong and smart, the perfect combination to become the best tight end in the league. He's been elected to the All-Pro for five straight years now and all signs point towards this trend continuing. The best offense in the league has two players with a 99 Madden rating.

#3 - Davante Adams, WR

The best receiver in the league right now, Davante Adams deservedly gets his 99 rating in Madden 22. With supreme techniques such as a clean release and great route running, it's almost impossible to cover Adams in any area of the field.

It's a surprise to see him as the only Green Bay Packers player with a 99 rating because this means Aaron Rodgers couldn't get a perfect score. The Packers should be careful with his situation, as talks for a new deal have broken down and Adams is in the final year of his contract. Green Bay can't afford to lose him to the market and receive only a compensatory third-round pick in return.

#4 - Jalen Ramsey, CB

Ramsey has no weaknesses in his game and the only time in recent years when he was really beaten by a wide receiver was during the last NFC Divisional Round when Davante Adams got the better of him. Still, his technique and athleticism are basically perfect and he can play on every scheme you want to play him.

At only 26 years of age, Ramsey will be a problem for wide receivers for years to come. He's the only cornerback with a 98 rating or above in the launch edition of Madden 22.

New York Giants v Los Angeles Rams
New York Giants v Los Angeles Rams

#5 - Aaron Donald, DT

There's an argument to be made that Donald is not only the best player in his position but the best player in any defense in the league overall.

No other player has been so dominant over the last decade, as Donald was voted to the Pro Bowl every year of his career, won the Defensive Player of The Year award three times in the last four seasons, and has six straight First-Team All-Pro honors.

He's a game changer on the Rams defense, and in a game where 99 is the best possible Madden rating, Donald should clock in at 100.

Edited by Colin D'Cunha
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