"I believe in Bitcoin" - Aaron Rodgers joins Tom Brady, buys into crypto hype

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the latest high-profile NFL star to express his bullish position on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. The longtime face of the NFL is not the first or the only one to express his backing for Bitcoin. His other tenured contemporary, QB Tom Brady, also has publicly backed the cryptocurrency earlier this year. With both star QBs on board, Bitcoin's profile continues to grow.

Tom Brady was one of the biggest NFL names to date to go in on Bitcoin, even going as far as giving one entire bitcoin to the fan who ended up with his coveted 600th passing touchdown ball. At the time of Brady’s announcement, the single bitcoin was worth $60,000. Having two of the most recognized faces in the NFL getting on board with Bitcoin is a huge endorsement for the cryptocurrency.

Aaron Rodgers joins Tom Brady on Bitcoin cryptocurrency hype

Now it seems that Aaron Rodgers is also going a different route by taking a portion of his $22 million dollar salary in Bitcoin with CashApp, the mobile payment service, facilitating the transaction. While it may seem atypical for Rodgers to devote portions of his NFL salary to this new currency, more and more services and financial institutions are adopting cryptocurrency as an alternative method. The future is today.

BREAKING: Aaron Rodgers is taking a portion of his $22 million NFL salary in Bitcoin.The process will be facilitated by @CashApp.

For people who still do not quite understand what cryptocurrency is or how it works, having familiar faces such as NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers introducing the topic to the masses is a very efficient way to advertise. After all, if two future Hall-of-Fame QBs trust their money with Bitcoin, anyone else could probably do the same.

The plug for CashApp and Bitcoin by Aaron Rodgers is a win for all parties involved. Publicity and exposure alone is worth its weight in advertising without having time and money invested in an ad campaign. Social media platforms such as Twitter continue to be the fastest and most effective way to get the word out about your brand or company.

I believe in Bitcoin & the future is bright. That's why I’m teaming up with Cash App to take a portion of my salary in bitcoin today.To make Bitcoin more accessible to my fans I’m giving out a total of $1M in btc now too. Drop your $cashtag w/ #PaidInBitcoin & follow @CashApp

In the past, football players used their platform and celebrity to push endorsement products via television commercials. In the modern NFL, high profile players such as Aaron Rodgers are pushing the envelope by dipping their hands into currency trading, cutting edge food development, and even social activism. It certainly adds layers to what was once simply watching football players on the field every Sunday afternoon.

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