Aaron Rodgers reveals first talk with Green Bay Packers after trade saga

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers' MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a wild offseason that included a possible hold-out and vacation across the country. Rodgers has made it known that he is not happy with the way the Packers have conducted team business the last few seasons.

But with a newly revised contract, Rodgers arrived at the Green Bay Packers' camp ready to play the 2021 NFL season, but it is still unclear where he could end up at next season.

Aaron Rodgers is participating in training camp practices, but LaFleur has said that he won't be playing in any of the preseason games, where the backup quarterbacks, especially Jordan Love will feature.

What did Aaron Rodgers say to his team after he arrived at camp?

After the Green Bay Packers' first official practice at their training camp, head coach Matt LaFleur asked Rodgers to do a post-practice speech. This speech is usually the time when the head coach addresses the entire team for the first time during training camp.

LaFleur felt that Rodgers should do that this time, considering everything that happened throughout the spring and summer. LaFleur and Rodgers spoke to NBC Sports' Peter King about the speech Rodgers gave to his team. While LaFleur wouldn't go into details about that, he simply said that Rodgers should be the one to speak more.

When asked by King, Rodgers did give a synopsis of what he said to his team after arriving at the Green Bay Packers' training camp. Rodgers said:

“I can’t remember the exact words,” “but I said your thoughts are becoming real things. I talked about a positive mindset. I did want to assure the guys how special it was to be back, how committed I am to the team, how special the relationships are to me, how focused I am on this season and accomplishing all of our goals. But I talk a lot about positivity, about a mindset, about manifestation, about embracing the journey. That stuff that’s really important to me. Be present. This is a great time in our lives.”

It isn't shocking that this is the type of message Rodgers gave his Packers teammates shortly after arriving at camp. Rodgers has repeatedly said throughout the saga that his mental health is most important to him and that he was willing to give up his NFL career if he didn't feel right.

Being a positive light and manifesting good thoughts is a good mantra to have in the NFL. An intense schedule throughout the fall and then a possible playoff run can weigh heavily on any NFL player.

But being a Super Bowl champion and three-time NFL MVP is definitely a lot of pressure. Aaron Rodgers is making sure his teammates are on the same page as him as he enters what is likely his final season with the Green Bay Packers.

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