AJ Brown sends warning to Eagles GM Howie Roseman with no update on Jalen Hurts contract extension

Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles
Could Jalen Hurts' contract impact AJ Brown?

Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown formed one of the NFL's most dynamic duos last season after Brown was traded from the Tennessee Titans. The second-year Philadelphia Eagles quarterback had an MVP runner-up season thanks in large part to Brown's presence.

With Hurts eligible for an extension, Brown didn't mince words. If the Eagles don't keep Hurts, the star wideout wants to be traded elsewhere.

He said:

"Listen, I love Philly. What I'm about to say... if you do not pay this man, just ship me off wherever he's going to go. It's over. Listen, so you talk about pressure? Howie [Roseman], get it done."

Howie Roseman is the GM who was able to trade for Brown during last year's NFL Draft, but he may also be the one who's forced to ship Brown elsewhere if he and Hurts can't come to an agreement.


Hurts was selected in the 2020 NFL Draft and, since he wasn't a first-round pick, has a shorter rookie deal and is thus eligible for an extension now. He couldn't have picked a better time to have a career year.

Now, the ball is in the Eagles' court. There was already pressure to make sure they find a way to keep their MVP candidate quarterback, but now they could theoretically lose both Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown and that would seriously hurt their roster.

What would a Jalen Hurts extension do to the Eagles?

By all accounts, Jalen Hurts has earned a significant contract. It's very possible that, wherever he gets it from, his next contract will be one of the biggest in NFL history.


That's likely going to hurt the Eagles. It's much more difficult for teams with quarterbacks on non-rookie deals to get to and win the Super Bowl. It's far easier to field a complete roster when the quarterback isn't taking up 25% of the cap.

Jalen Hurts came up just short in the Super Bowl
Jalen Hurts came up just short in the Super Bowl

The Eagles had probably the most well-rounded roster in football this season, but when they sign Hurts, that will not be possible anymore.

Unfortunately, it didn't yield a Super Bowl win, but they'll now have to find a new way to get back to the big game.

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