"Never seen anything like it" - NFL insider reveals details of Antonio Brown and Bruce Arians' sideline fight

Antonio Brown is no longer a member the Buccaneers
Antonio Brown is no longer a member the Buccaneers

Antonio Brown's Tampa Bay Buccaneers career is over. After several chances, Brown had his last one on Sunday. With his team trailing in the third quarter, Brown was seen taking off his helmet and pads despite fellow receiver Mike Evans trying to stop him.

Brown then proceeded to remove his singlet and throw it into the stands as he made his way into the tunnel. He did not return after the incident.

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer asked Bruce Arians about the incident and whether he saw Brown take his uniform off. The head coach answered that what he witnessed was unlike anything he had seen before.

“Yeah, I did. Never seen anything like it in all my years,” Arians said.

Antonio Brown unlikely to be signed by another team

After this latest incident, Arians said after the game that Brown was no longer with the team anymore. Often seen as a distraction, Brown has made his fair share of headlines throughout his career.

There was the fake vaccination card incident, which came to light when his former personal chef came out after not being paid the money he was owed. Previously, Brown's unwillingness to change his helmet style while with the Raiders, and his fall-out with the team's GM, had also caused quite a stir

Not to forget there was a warrant out for his arrest for charges of burglary with battery and criminal mischief in January 2021.

It is highly unlikely that another team will give Brown yet another chance in the NFL. Given what the teams already know about him, he will be seen as being too much of a distraction to any team that signs him and more trouble than he is worth.

Antonio Brown loses a million dollars in incentives

To make matters worse for Brown, not only did his spat cost him his job, it also cost him nearly $1 million in incentives that were built into his contract.

Brown needed just eight more catches, 55 more receiving yards and one more receiving touchdown to unlock the bonus.

Antonio Brown needs help: Tom Brady

Brown's teammate Tom Brady spoke after the game on Sunday and surprised many with his comments. The odd situation clearly called for a certain amount of frustration, but Brady was empathetic towards the troubled receiver.

"I mean it's obviously a difficult situation," said Brady. "Hopefully everyone can do what they can do to help him in ways. You know, he really needs it. We all love him. We care about him deeply, we want to see him at his best. But unfortunately, he won't be with our team anymore."

Whether Brown gets the help he needs remains to be seen as there are clearly some issues that he is dealing with. But as far as his NFL career is concerned, it is likely as good as over. It is a shame for such a talented player to end his career in such a way.

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