Antonio Brown posts Instagram story firing shots at Tom Brady, Bruce Arians, and Buccaneers 

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team
Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team

Antonio Brown is still seething. We might have a new Super Bowl winner, and Tom Brady may have retired, but that is still not enough for Antonio Brown to forget, in his recollection, how he was mistreated by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And he reserved his shots for the two most important figures in the organization while he was there: Tom Brady and head coach Bruce Arians.

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How credible are Antonio Brown's claims against the Buccaneers?

Antonio Brown is not the most-liked player in the league for his actions on and off the field that have strayed from the bizarre to the cruel. So one may not believe his version of the story that caused him to storm out mid-game against the New York Jets. In fact, he has been accused by the Buccaneers of behaving inappropriately because he was not getting enough targets.

He has now claimed on his Instagram story that he was indeed upset at Tom Brady, of all people, for not throwing enough catches at him. Based on his reading of the situation, he was lured into playing despite being injured because Tom Brady promised to throw the ball at him more. Considering that he had a clause in his contract related to performance, that would make sense.

When he refused to run out anymore, he claimed that coach Bruce Arians told him to run with an injured ankle and on declining that he was told to leave. It is nothing he has not said before, but this time he has revealed names when pointing out what transpired based on his recollections.

It should be noted that Tom Brady has not commented on this at all, and one would not assume that he will. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bruce Arians also had their say in statements and press conferences when the initial episode transpired.

But Antonio Brown seems unable to let go of believing passionately that he has been wronged. At this point in time, there are two different parties saying two different things, and it is not possible to make a judgment either way. But the image Brown put up on Instagram showed a serious injury to his foot and one can understand why he should not have been playing at all.

Either way, it looks like this saga has a long way to go. If the embers were about to die down, one could be sure of Antonio Brown always stirring it up.

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