"Tom about to kill this dude", "Pure garbage human being" - Antonio Brown's IG post feat. Gisele Bundchen leaves fans baffled

Fans in disbelief after Antonio Brown posts photo with Gisele Bundchen
Fans in disbelief after Antonio Brown posts photo with Gisele Bundchen

Former Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Antonio Brown's off-field shenanigans since his unceremonious exit from the NFL have been nothing short of concerning. From threatening quarterback Tom Brady's longtime friend and trainer Alex Guerrero to allegedly harassing guests while naked in a pool in Dubai, the former All-Pro wide receiver is always in the news for bizarre reasons.

Brown's latest tomfoolery came on social media, and it's hard to envision how it wouldn't be a shot at Tom Brady. The wide receiver posted a picture with the quarterback's wife, former supermodel Gisele Bundchen, with the caption reading:

"Put that shit on"

It's unclear whether the image is a genuine moment that Bundchen and Brown shared after the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in February 2021 or is a photoshopped picture. But posting it as rumors swirl about the marital issues between Brady and his wife is a crass move.

Fans on social media echoed that sentiment, with many claiming that brain damage from CTE is the only possible explanation for Brown's decision to post this image:

The amount of cte they find in this man’s brain is going to be historic…
mans has openly shared he has CTE . U can’t look at the result w/o acknowledging the reason…
CTE is strong with this one…
CTE is undefeated…

Many were more sinister in their criticism of Brown's post:

Tom about to kill this dude…
Pure garbage human being wow…
And he wonders why nobody wants on him on their team #NFL…
@NFL_Memes Antonio Brown is a social experiment
@NFL_Memes This is disrespectful. That’s a new low even for AB.

Antonio Brown's continuous shots at Tom Brady

This isn't the first instance of Antonio Brown going after Tom Brady. The former Patriots and Buccaneers receiver claimed that the quarterback only befriended him so he could convince him to sign a team-friendly deal with Tampa and help him win another Super Bowl:

"These guys called me to win a Super Bowl. After a suspension, I come to help them do that. If Tom Brady's my boy, why am I playing for earnest salary? Right? You're my boy, right? But Gronkowski is your boy, right? How he's getting paid significant amount. So why is AB on a proven deal? Who's burning me over here? Let's be real, right?"

Tom Brady has never responded to Antonio Brown's repeated attacks. The only time the quarterback spoke about the wide receiver, he said he would try to be a great friend to his former teammate. While Brady has refrained from responding to Brown, going after his family could be a step too far.

It remains to be seen whether the quarterback will respond to Brown's bizarre post.

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