"Worst QB in the NFL" - Former NFL player gives a scathing review of Chiefs' Mahomes

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs

Coming into 2021, many called Patrick Mahomes the best quarterback in the NFL. However, just half a season in, the quarterback is leading the NFL in interceptions. Coupled with a slow start, both Mahomes and the Chiefs are hearing from everyone, including former NFL players. NFL Live's Dan Orlovsky broke down one of Mahomes' mistakes.

Patrick Mahomes under fire for performance

In the clip, Orlovsky pointed out a wide-open Tyreek Hill in the making on a shallow cross. He was beating his man and was going to outrun the middle linebacker in front of him. Mahomes, standing in a clean pocket while staring down Hill, decided to scramble. He started to scramble to his right. Orlovsky wasn't impressed, explaining that this was "only one clip."

Setting up the clip, Orlovsky said that "mechanically, [Mahomes] is the worst quarterback in the NFL right now."

Of course, while he played in the NFL, Orlovsky's own record is likely the response of many Chiefs fans. Orlovsky played in 2005, 2008, and from 2010-2015. According to Pro Football Reference, in his 12 starts over that period, Orlovsky was 2-10 in his NFL career. He completed 58.2 percent of his passes for 3132 yards, 15 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

That said, Orlovsky is echoing what many are saying about Patrick Mahomes in 2021. With only three more interceptions, Mahomes will have thrown a season-high number of interceptions. At his current pace, this could happen within the next two games.

If the Packers march into Kansas City with Jordan Love making his first career start at the loudest stadium in the league against Patrick Mahomes and win I promise I will be insufferable on this app.In Love We Trust.…

The star quarterback has not had a game in which he threw more touchdowns than interceptions since October 3rd against the Philadelphia Eagles. At this point, the downward slump may be here to stay this season. With the turnovers, the Chiefs' offense is essentially giving opponents extra opportunities to get the lead.

Basically, the Chiefs are driving down the field with ease and turning the ball over in the red zone. The Chiefs' 28th-ranked defense then allows their opponent to drive down the field and score. It only takes one or two sequences of this per game to force it to go all four quarters, which has been the case in most of the Chiefs' games this season.

Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles

If the Chiefs were to play conservatively when they get within field goal range, they could nix the turnovers. Of course, this would mean going against everything the Chiefs stand for on the offensive side of the ball. Can the Chiefs swallow their pride and become a conservative football team? The answer to this question could set the stage for whether the Chiefs will make the playoffs this season.

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