Colin Cowherd rips no-cart Jaguars' "ridiculous" treatment of Trevor Lawrence: "You're such a Mickey Mouse operation"

Colin Cowherd rips no-cart Jaguars
Colin Cowherd rips no-cart Jaguars' "ridiculous" treatment of Trevor Lawrence

Colin Cowherd had no love for the way the Jacksonville Jaguars treated Trevor Lawrence after his injury. The star quarterback suffered a high ankle sprain and he was distraught right after he went down. He slapped the turf and threw away his helmet in disgust. Many feared, at the time, that it would be season-ending.

Thankfully for the Jags, he was able to get up and go out on his own power with the help of the medical staff and trainers. However, what caught the eye of every NFL fan is that no cart came out to assist him. When a player goes down injured, never mind the franchise quarterback, that is the norm.

Colin Cowherd accordingly took aim at the Jaguars and asked them to relocate from Jacksonville to Orlando because they are a "Mickey Mouse operation." He praised the impact Trevor Lawrence has had on the organization after they got him in the No. 1 pick of the 2021 NFL draft because they were the worst team the preceding season.

Since then, they have improved by leaps and bounds and made it to the playoffs last season. They look good to do so again this year. In fact, they are fighting for the top seed in the AFC, which was unthinkable some years back.

Colin Cowherd said:

"He's the star employee. And you don't have a cart for him to leave the field? Maybe you should move to Orlando because you're such a Mickey Mouse operation. He's Trevor Lawrence. He saved the franchise... And this is how you treat him. Ridiculous."

Colin Cowherd may have a point but rumors suggest no cart was Trevor Lawrence's own call and not Jaguars

While every person will agree with Colin Cowherd on this one, a mitigating factor might be that the rumors suggest that Lawrence did not want a cart. He wanted to walk to the locker room because he wanted to project his toughness and give confidence to the watching fans, who had seen him go down. Luckily for the Jaguars supporters, the injury is not as severe as thought and he remains week-to-week with a high ankle sprain.

However, as others have pointed out, in situations of medical urgency, trained professionals take precedence over the player. This is something the NFL has learned the hard way with the concussion protocol. Now, independent evaluators assess before a player is allowed back on the field.

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