“This team sucks” - Colin Cowherd slams NFC West team amid quarterback change

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
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Ian Van Roy

A season ago, many were calling the NFC West the best division in the league. Now, two of the four teams are moving on with different quarterbacks. The San Francisco 49ers are moving on to Trey Lance and the Seattle Seahawks are going with either Drew Lock or Geno Smith. Seattle in particular seem to have downgraded.

As a result, they now appear to be in a rebuilding phase. Fans of the franchise are looking at the 2022 season with nervous anticipation. One NFL analyst criticized the Seahawks for the situation.

Speaking on the Herd with Colin Cowherd, show host Colin Cowherd scoffed at anyone believing in the team at any level. He slammed the team and lumped them in with the bottom of the league. Here's how he put it:

"Geno Smith, according to a story today, is leading in the quarterback competition. And I mean, Pete Carroll is out there talking about Drew Lock and Geno Smith yesterday… this team sucks. This is the worst team in the league not named Atlanta. They're going to win three games if Geno and Drew Lock are your guys... that division, over. Thanks for flying United."
Grateful for another day!

He went on to question leadership within the franchise:

"This is where you gonna miss Russell. Because [outside of] Mr. Optimistic, who's the leader in this clubhouse? Bobby Wagner, gone, Russell, gone. When you're winning games, that takes care of a lot of things…"

Lastly, he said the team would open 1-7 and it would become a competition for survival at the bottom of the NFC West:

"[Where will] Russell Wilson's optimism [be] when this team this year is 1-7, and guys start taking care of themselves and pointing fingers because this is the league where you can get cut, you can be unemployed. You can be well paid today and unemployed tomorrow. There are no leaders in that locker room."

Known for his outspoken brand of analysis, Cowherd makes a habit of calling it as he sees it. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, he does have a valid point. On paper, they do appear to be the worst side in the NFC West and arguably have the worst quarterbacks in the division.

The quarterbacks of NFC West

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

As the Seattle Seahawks rebuild, the rest of the NFC West have lofty ambitions. The San Francisco 49ers are hoping to see a quick transition to Trey Lance and a minimal learning period. With Jimmy Garoppolo on his way out the 49ers are looking to the future. They want to improve on last season's NFC Championship defeat to the Los Angeles Rams and win the Super Bowl.


After defeating the 49ers last season, fellow NFC West franchise the L.A. Rams won the Super Bowl. They are looking to do so again in the upcoming campaign. Quarterback Matthew Stafford threw for 41 touchdowns in 2021, equalling his Detroit Lions record from 2011. With the addition of Allen Robinson, L.A. fans are hoping he can lead them to glory once again.


At the same time, the Arizona Cardinals are settling in after locking down Kyler Murray for the foreseeable future. With DeAndre Hopkins expected to miss nearly the first half of the season, the team will be working to find a way to duplicate his production. With Murray's contract signed, many expect the buck to stop with him this season.

The Cardinals will be hoping to hit the season hard and keep it going all campaign. They have developed a pattern of starting well but stalling after week seven. Their ambition is to get not just to the playoffs, but to go as far as possible in the postseason. From there, anything can happen.

The Seahawks' expectations seem a far cry from the ambitions of their rivals. But what looks good on paper doesn't always translate to the field. Seattle may not be loaded with big names, but if they can play clean, physical football Seattle can surprise a lot of people.

We will see how they get on in the NFC West when the season kicks off in six weeks time.

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