REPORT: Dan Snyder's ownership of Commanders in jeopardy as fellow NFL owners look to take drastic action

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder attending a team event
Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder attending a team event

Over the years, Dan Snyder has built quite a reputation for himself in the league. While some NFL franchise owners are looked up to by their fans for guiding their respective teams to glory, Snyder's fame is built on quite the opposite.

The Washington Commanders owner has been embroiled in controversy for years now and it seems like every other day some new developments see him sink further down the rabbit hole.


Now, according to a report by USA Today, other NFL owners are frustrated with the ill repute that the Commanders owner has brought to the league and want him out. One franchise owner reportedly stated that the group is “counting votes” as to Snyder.

The 57-year-old, who has owned the franchise for two decades now, is treading on thin ice. As per PFT, 24 NFL franchise owners will have to vote against him to oust him from the league. Even then, he is expected to carry out a legal fight so as to not relinquish ownership of the Washington-based franchise.

Dan Snyder and his troubled past as owner of Washinton Commanders

Dan Synder's tenure as the owner of the Commanders franchise has been riddled with controversies. Bought in 1999 for a reported fee of $800 million, the franchise formerly known as the Redskins has nose-dived since his arrival.

His dysfunction steams beyond just proceedings on the gridiron. In fact, it's findings off the field that have brought his ownership into question. From suing fans to reports of rampant sexual misconduct taking place right under his nose, it's not difficult to comprehend why people in the NFL community have an acute dislike towards the man.


While a lot of these accusations have been thrown under the rug thanks to his position as an NFL owner, perhaps the latest development in this timeline of mismanagement could be his final death knell as owner of the NFL franchise.

Dan Snyder and company allegedly engaged in financial fraud. They are also accused of shorting and underreporting revenue that was to be shared by all 32 teams in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Lastly, they are accused of keeping security deposits from their season ticket holders.

The #NFL is like the mafia. You're a made guy until you're not. Dan Snyder has remained as an owner despite all of the ineptitude & scandal because the other owners for whatever reasons have allowed him to remain. But if/when the owners change their minds, he's done. #Commanders…

The Commanders, of course, have strongly refuted these claims. But given the franchise's history of dysfunction and malfeasance, one wouldn't be wrong to have their doubts when it comes to anything involving the Commanders owner.

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