"People could go to jail" - NFL insider reveals stunning consequences for alleged Washington Commanders scandal

Those involved with the Washington Commanders' scandal could face dire consequences.
Those involved with the Washington Commanders' scandal could face dire consequences.
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Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder and the executives he's worked with for years could be facing severe consequences if things don't go their way in court. Dan Snyder and company allegedly engaged in financial fraud. They are also accused of shorting and underreporting revenue that was to be shared by all 32 teams in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Lastly, they are accused of keeping security deposits from their season ticket holders.


Mike Florio, the co-host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk Live, revealed that there could be potential jail time for the Washington Commanders brain trust if they are found guilty of those charges.

"People could go to jail. How about that?" Mike Florio said.

NBC Sports' Florio did not mince any words when describing what could happen to the Washington Commanders owner and his people while speaking as a guest on The Dan Patrick Show:

"I think one of the realities is, with the Washington Commanders, there's been this drip, drip, drip for the past couple of years, and nothing ever happens. So we think that each new story is another drip where nothing is going to happen."
"The idea that they had a deliberate scam in place, the notion that they were keeping security deposits made by their best customers, the people who bought season tickets year in and year matter how crappy the team was, they kept coming back, and there was supposedly some sort of a scam to keep their securtity deposits, to make it very difficult to get them back, so people say, 'Screw it. I'm gonna quit trying.' That, to me, is the thing that could launch a prosecution, grand juries, indictments, and you work your way up to the ladder until you get to the very top, and all of a sudden, Daniel Snyder has a lot more to worry about than losing his team..."
"People could go to jail."-Mike Florio (@ProFootballTalk) summarizes the #Commanders latest scandalFor Mike's full appearance:…

Washington Commanders' owner Daniel Snyder's other controversies

At this point, Dan Snyder being forcibly removed (since he can't be fired) would be the best thing for all parties involved. The Commanders could move on to a figurehead who is less worried about saving money by scamming their fans and more worried about putting a worthwhile product on the field. Snyder could finally be deplatformed and focus on a life of not completely embarrassing himself in public shamelessly.

Snyder's shortcomings range from ruining fan experiences at games--outside of the financial hit their wallets took from his behind-closed-door dealings--to feuding with reporters and providing an unsafe work environment for female employees.


It'd be easier to count the number of things Snyder has done right during his time as the Washington Commanders' owner than to count all of his follies.

Perhaps, this inquiry into the financial scamming of his most faithful fans could be the final sin committed in a career lacking on-field success and full of making headlines for the wrong reasons.

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