Does Tom Brady’s son Jack play quarterback? Buccaneers QB spotted throwing with son at pre-Thanksgiving practice

Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The legendary quarterback with his son Jack

Tom Brady's son Jack was spotted throwing a football at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice and looked like a natural quarterback. Growing up as a child of arguably the best and most successful quarterback of all time would have its perks. For instance, being able to learn from his father.

Many NFL children follow in the footsteps of their parents, even down to the position. Is that true for Jack? According to Fox News, the younger Brady does indeed play quarterback, though not full-time.

For his high school team, Jack mainly plays free safety, but also plays quarterback. Fox News mentioned that the Buccaneers' star was happy his son could make some throws at practice:

"It’s the best. I had him out here for training camp last year, which was amazing for a dad. It was pretty special. As much as I can be around him, the better it is."

Brady recently mentioned his kids on the Let's Go! podcast, saying:

"I’m thankful for a lot. I have a lot of blessings in my life. I just want to be that for my kids. You know, I just wanna be the best dad I could be."


The Buccaneers will not be playing on Thanksgiving Day, but rather suiting up against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Is Tom Brady going to retire after the 2022 campaign to spend time with his kids?

When the legendary quarterback initially retired last offseason, he mentioned spending time with his family. He noted that it was time to be a full-time father and husband and that his time with football was over.

Will he retire this offseason?
Will he retire this offseason?

That ultimately didn't last, as he only retired for 40 days. When he returned, his personal life began to spiral off the field. As such, many questioned whether or not he'd retire midseason or after this campaign.


It's not unreasonable to think he might, but most around the league don't believe that will be the case. The latest expectation is that he will not only remain unretired but will re-sign with the Buccaneers this spring.

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